1. Danie Van Gilder profile image38
    Danie Van Gilderposted 7 years ago

    communism  = gov. so the capitalists don't "cheat"
           (to become extremely rich)   COVETING MONEY
       in capitalistic places, there are people who just ARE to darn rich, like the queen and other leaders had been.  do we need a government bank, an government business, like having gov. education, work control, army and welfare?  is it right for bankers to have been using people's money to become extremely rich, just by charging 21% intrest on our money in by credit cards.  plus government loans, so small businesses can start, ones can get good housing, and rich people then won't misuse bankings to get too too rich for themselves, capitalism means:
                    (money use)   (TO GET RICH!!)
              that is capitalism, by banks, stores, selling everything, clothes, housing, education, cars, computers, food and everything SOLD SO THEY CAN BECOME RICH  ones have been too rich, not $60 thous a year, but castles, boats, and areas, they are worried about the poor subjects of their "kingship" like enterprise, they getting EXTREMELY RICH.  why not invest, tnen, in the expansion in africa, to build some little nations, whether after the british, or japanese or americas or russia, but to expand civilisation in africa, how ever politically it becomes, so that they may benefit too, as all americans apparently have, the africans have not, compared to americans.

       leaving the quesetion - who wants to inveset in africa?
          commies or capitalists   WHO'S BECOME EXTREMELY RICH?

  2. Petra Vlah profile image59
    Petra Vlahposted 7 years ago

    China have made considerable investments in Africa, proving once again they are smart and know better than America where the real possibilities are. They have done the same with Brasile and Venezuela, as well as other countries in South America.
    Investments are suppose to turn a profit so do NOT wait for anyone to spend money just to help oners; humanitarian aid is another story altogether, but look at the political implications and do not buy into their "humanity"