Farmers in Africa may starve as their fields are bought to profit rich

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  1. JWestCattle profile image61
    JWestCattleposted 8 years ago

    The article from the Brisbane Times is here: … -sdyn.html

    What is conveyed in this article is precisely what the future holds if cap and trade legislation becomes law in the USA.  The carbon trading schemes are International. Democrats need to wake-up and realize the issue of cap and trade is not just something else to gouge the rich and redistribute to the poor and so it must be social justice.

    Despite UN protestations to the contrary, their FAO clearly wants to see the vast lands of Africa, India, etc... under private rather than tribal or heritable control; every single utterance of the FAO ultimately focuses on land control across the planet -- under the false premise of controlling Global Warming, feeding the planet is a very secondary concern.

  2. MikeNV profile image79
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    The UN is a huge part of the problem.  Take Maurice Strong for example.  Pure evil.

    This year in the United States Florida Strawberry farmers let their crops rot because it was more profitable than harvesting them.  This also happened with the Apple Crop in the North East.

    I am very much in agreement with you on the dangers of Cap and Trade.  It's all about control and profit to the wealthy elite.

    The vast majority of Africans have next to nothing.  The UN moves in with the International Monetary Fund to make loans they know can never be repaid.  Then they use these loans to seize assets.

    Look at world wide water rights.  Polluted water kills millions.  And fresh water is available only to those with the means to purchase it.

    We are very fortunate in the United States to have a water infrastructure that makes clean water available to us for next to nothing.

    1. JWestCattle profile image61
      JWestCattleposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      With all the money from US aid directly and via the United Nations that has been made available to developing countries, it seems at times to me to be incomprehensible that safe drinking water is something that every nation on earth still does not have. 

      A fortune will be made on cap and trade, and the poor will remain poor and the divide will become ever greater.  It's like a concept or vision of human drones the world over doing as they are told by the truly rich and elite and powerful.

  3. William R. Wilson profile image60
    William R. Wilsonposted 8 years ago

    You two almost sound like left wing extremists!  I'm impressed.  And I agree with most of what I've seen in this thread so far. 

    I'm no big fan of cap and trade either although I think it is the manipulation by multinational corporations and their buddies that is the problem.  The idea of cap and trade itself, on a national level, is not a bad one.

    1. JWestCattle profile image61
      JWestCattleposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Well, William, you see, there is a grievous and continuous misunderstanding by left wing extremists in regard to anyone who doesn't agree with them.  We aren't necessarily rich and uncharitable, we don't all care nothing about our environment, our country, our poor, at the expense of ourselves.

      The Cap and Trade 'idea' is a bad one.  And it cannot be just something to consider in the US on a 'national level'.  The bill establishes international carbon trading as well, the effects will reach across the globe as big corporations seek sources of offset credits, the pastoral lands of Africa.

      In the USA, the added costs of every aspect of your life, from the time you flip on the light in the morning until you end your day, everything will cost more, and the standard of living will fall, there is only so much government aid to go around, although for certain 'some' of the funds generated, the tax generated, will be redistributed to the poor, it's in the bill.  But, will it be enough to compensate.  I really don't think so.

      The rich will get richer, and the poor poorer and more dependent, and the middle class will shrink and join the ranks of the poor in ability to consume in our American consumption driven economy. 

      The rabid idea of the rich in the USA bearing a rightful burden of redistribution to the poor is bogus, and cap and trade will just make the rich, richer.  The truly rich, many of whom, who knows, perhaps most, are actually liberals, well-educated liberals.  People making $200,000 a year are not rich, their costs of living are even higher by virtue of that cush? 80 hour a week position, and rarely does the average American survive at that pace or salary for a lengthy period of time. 

      There is a very poor comprehension in this country of what rich is.  Goldman Sachs is rich, its CEO is rich.  And Goldman Sachs will make a bloody fortune off of cap and trade, and they also contributed close to a million dollars to Obama's campaign.  I highly doubt Goldman Sachs would give a million dollars to build a sewer in India, or a school in the Bronx.

  4. JWestCattle profile image61
    JWestCattleposted 8 years ago

    How interesting that only William is curious about the robbing of land from the poor in Africa, and no doubt across the world. 

    Tells me the libs here just give lip service to an ideology that has brainwashed them, and no reasoned thought about just what it is they are shouting out about.


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