How much Damage can Obama do with the CZARS be watchfull of it

  1. dutchman1951 profile image61
    dutchman1951posted 7 years ago

    Today’s Obama's press conference had a subtle moment we could miss..?

    Please Consider,

    The Third question from the reporter about EPA actions with Cap and Trade, has merit here.

    How much can Obama do with the CZARS without Congress. By-passing Legislators and allowing the agency's to make up their own legislation, under CZAR control.

    He stated the smart thing for EPA was to get a room full of Repubs and Dems to agree on legislation and have the EPA follow that.

    But he never answered her as to what he would allow or direct the EPA to do outside of Congress on Cap an Trade. He stated they are under law to obey clean energy policy..? 

    We need to be careful of him on this. What policy action would he try here?

    We may see many things happening now, after this election, and not understand how it is being done, as the Congress and President may be at an impasse on some issues? He is deceptive in his speech, remember his promise for Change? What Change? He never said?

    We need to check his activities around the Czar’s. Keep track of that also. Keep him in check, not allow him to bypass the Congress and Senate.

    Be careful folks.