Do not let the TSA distraction take our eyes off the Lame Duck Session

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    realman2020posted 6 years ago

    We hear all the outrage of people not flying over the abuses of authority of the Transportation Security Administration . What my concern is our attention being diverted from a some two or three critical pieces of legislation. Two mainly are of high priority is S-510 that is the Food Safety Modernization Act that will be a threat to small family farm and Farmers Markets.
                 Second is the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. They do not have the votes to pass it to ratify the treaty which requires two thirds approval of the Senate.. What I see them doing like the did back in 1913 during the Christmas passing the Federal Reserve Act while Congress was heading home for the holidays. A quorum on a non business day allowed this bill to pass with a handful of congressmen and Senators present in a voice vote.
                 They will try to ratify this UN Small Arms Treaty treaty by a voice vote a four Senators present in a voice vote with no record. This congress is involved in treachery and treason before they are sent home and giving the American People the middle finger for throwing there pathetic socialist asses out of office.
                 If they try to ratify this treaty without a full Senate vote without everyone on record on how they voted. The Governors and State Legislators should not recognize this treaty as valid. This manipulation of parliamentary procedure should all the states need to say "no"to this unconstitutional treaty. Because there was no full senate vote on ratification. We need to find a way to pull the plug on this gaggle of crook and traitors. There is no reason for a lame duck session.

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    kerrygposted 6 years ago

    You make a good point. Politicians certainly do use hot button but mostly irrelevant issues, such as gay marriage and the so-called Ground Zero mosque, to distract from more important issues.

    In this case, however, the new search procedures are a pretty clear violation of civil rights (and in some cases civil law) without producing a significant increase in passenger safety, so I think it is important that people stand up and yell about this, and the more the better. The officials, such as Chertoff, who have pushed the scanners have a financial stake in the company that produces them, and the invasive pat-down procedures have pretty obviously been implemented to make the scanners seem more palatable by comparison. They show complete disregard for the dignity of disabled people, transgendered people, and survivors of sexual abuse and assault, and there are already many reports of TSA officials on power trips strip searching or patting down young children, groping or stripping attractive young women, and more. They better be screening new employees extremely carefully for sex offenders, that's for sure.

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    mikelongposted 6 years ago

    An important bill that needs to be passed during the lame duck session is the DREAM Act....

    If only the Employee Free Choice Act was still "alive."

    As for this small arms treaty:

    Whoever "realman" is.....his information is severely flawed...

    His "spin" on the UN Treaty is about as honest as the "Obama is not an American citizen" story.....

    Don't let liars lead you down the road of blindness.....