Princeton in food fight over Sabra hummus

  1. Stacie L profile image87
    Stacie Lposted 7 years ago

    PRINCETON, N.J. — Princeton University students voted Monday in a referendum by a pro-Palestine student group on whether to expand the school's hummus offerings.

    The student group Princeton Committee for Palestine wants university-run stores to offer alternative brands of the Middle Eastern chickpea dip because they say the only brand available is linked to human rights violations.

    The brand, Sabra, is owned by PepsiCo Inc. and Strauss Group, and Strauss' website says it supports members of the Israeli military.

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image94
    Rochelle Frankposted 7 years ago

    This is the most important thing they can think of to protest?
    I guess things do change. I don't think anyone ever got upset over hummus when I was in college.
    I wonder how they feel about guacamole.