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trucks and you ,the us and them syndrome.

  1. profile image47
    el loboposted 7 years ago

    trucks,love them or hate them.there here to stay,without them we would revert to anarchy within a fortnight,with them on our roads the country keeps on keeping on,think about it,everything we eat,sleep on,sit on and in some cases drink is brought to us by trucks,our economy to a very great extent is strong because of trucks on our roads,it takes years to make an experienced truck driver,that knows what to do and how to be safe, sure there are a few cowboys out there that buck the system just like anyone else,but on the whole there very responsible because there livelyhood is on the line,car drivers,well i could right a book based on what car drivers do on our roads,its like cats and dogs we love to hate each other,we just cant help ourself,trucks drivers are on our roads working trying to do there job to make enough money to pay bills just like you and i,only there office is on wheels,cars are like ants to a truck driver there everywhere, they have got to be carefull and try and second guese car drivers,they have far more rules and regulations than a basic car licence,have a read one day of a basic road rules book for a truck driver and i meen basic ,because it takes years of experience on top of that,car drivers have know idea what it is like from a truck drivers perspective,it would be of very great benifit if it was compulsory for l and p plate drivers to have a week up in a truck,in the passenger seat i might add hastily.i know p plate drivers that think once they have there p plates they dont need to be told anymore[ah ty].and i seem to remember i possibly could have been like that,[not admitting anything].what car drivers have got to get in there heads is give trucks a fair go on the roads if you are considerate to truck drivers they in turn will do likewise ,but piss them off and one day you will want one to be considerate and let you come out on the road or something else and they wont because they do not get a break from car drivers [us and them ]let me give you something to consider,trucks are only by law permitted to do 100 klms an hour on the open [?] road, to get to that speed takes a hell of a lot longer than a car,once there on that speed they dont want to be slowing down and getting back up to 100 all the time,because of slow vehicles,trucks have a point coming up on another vehicle where they have to work on passing ,100 to 150 metres any closer is in a danger zone,they have to work on passing,car drivers dont understand that if a truck loses his revs because he has to slow down for a car to go past then he has to start all over again to pass the slow vehicle so dont think if a truck pulls out on you and you have to slow down ,that he has done so to piss you off,he is committed to the pssing and has make a decision fast trucks are mostly speed limitted at 100,there are some that are not,it is very frustrating at times to be speed limitted,ie; getting a run up for a hill,cant do it,when overtaking if there on 100 they have nothing more to pass faster,[so please do not speed up when a truck is passing you]let them go for everyones sake,when you come up toward a truck picture a line in a half circle around the truck,do not get in that circle and sit there,the truck needs room to move if needs be,if you sit there and he needs to move around another vehicle he is comming up on he will come out or he will be a very pissed off driver, so get clear of trucks as soon as possible,trucks dont pull up as good as you they need space,all too often trucks will be slowing down to stop for traffic lights and some dickhead that has no consideration for anyone else will speed up and duck in in front of the truck then the truck driver has to re evaluate the distence fast so as not to run over the top of that idiot,much that he would love to,then you have these absolute ratbags[it only seems to happen in Sydney]where you are stationary at lights and the car driver will come up your lefthand side and drive into the space the truck driver has left for safety and this car driver will be sitting at a right angle just to get in front of you [?]absolute nutcase,also you get the ratbag that is comming up behind a truck and decides to overtake on the right and then come straight back across in front of the truck to goup a left off ramp or side street ,what are these people thinking,the rules for car drivers need to be addressed because they are too basic for our roads ,to let someone out on our roads in this day and age where everyone seems to want to be somewhere yesterday in a misile like a car is lunacy,i think cars should be,[and i might add every vehicle sould be]speed regulated,why do we have vehicles on our roads that driven by novices that can do in exsess of 200 klms when we can by law only go up to 110 klms in most states,the government and the vehicle manufacturers should be held accountable and made to do something about it,the government be it it state or national are at fault they say they must do something to kerb the carnage on our roads and put revenue raising cameras and police and now private companies out on our streets to try and slow people down, what utter garbage ,it just makes us look more for these hindrences and take our consentration off the road and gives them a bonanza of wealth for there coffers to do with as they please we as tax paying electors are a bunch of idiots to just let them keep doing ,and it is going to get worse.

  2. Evan G Rogers profile image76
    Evan G Rogersposted 7 years ago

    no one's going to read this.

    Please learn to format your posts

    Also, proper punctuation makes things a lot better.

    And finally, posts this long don't get read on forums.