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    The General Election in Ireland is set for 11th March 2011 and I will bring you up dates on news and views around that. It is expected that the present corrupt Government lead by Brian Cowen will suffer the worst electoral defeat of its existence, thank God, this administration was keep in power with the help of the 'green party' who have done nothing only serve their own pockets.


    Now that the date has been set for the General Election 2011, we the People of Meath must ensure that those who bankrupted our country are driven from office and replaced with local people who have shown their committment to the people of Meath. Peadar Toibin and Dominic Hannigan are two such people, who have stood shoulder to shoulder with those brutalised by this Fianna Failure administration and their Green Party lackeys.

    Our people have been driven from the work place, driven from Mother Ireland because of the greed and self serving of a corrupt and criminal administration. Let us do this thing for future generations.

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    Today Tuesday 18th January 2011 Brian Cowen TD will retain his leadership by securing 39 votes against 32 votes of the parliamentary party for Michael Martin TD, however, it will make no difference who leads this rabble as they are destined for the greatest electoral defeat in their history. What we need in the Dail is a few good men and I am going to Vote for Peadar Toibin Sinn Fein and Dominic Hannigan Labour.

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    Fianna Fail's Noel Dempsey has announced that he will not run in the forth coming general election following a devasting poll carried out in Meath by this site. Dempsey like many Fianna Fail RATs is jumping ship before the fianna fail ship sinks beneath its own weight of greed and self-serving. Noel Dempsey has contributed nothing to County Meath other than to fill his own bank account and the bank accounts of other Fianna Fail lackeys. On your bike Dempsey and take your RAT PACK with you.

    Sinn Fein will take 7 seats in the forth coming general election, added to the five sitting Sinn Fein TDs will be Peadar Toibin in Meath and Mary Lou Mc Donald in Dublin.

    A survey of 200 people in Navan, County Meath 9/12/2010, by Shopping in Meath showed that over 60% of those surveyed said they would vote for Sinn Fein's, Peadar Toibin, in the forth coming General Election, most people surveyed stated that they would not vote for Transport Minister Noel Dempsey or any other Fianna Fail politician.

    As Brian Cowen and his Fianna Fail gambeens prepare for the sinking of the great ship "Greed and Self-serving" new opportunities are presented to Sinn Fein in the forth coming General Election. I am no fan of Sinn Fein however sometimes one must accept that certain politicians have a contribution to make to the health of the nation. Peadar Toibin is a dynamic young politician who is not detached from reality as are so many of the political elite. Peadar is a young man who practices what he preaches, he works with those less well off in our society, he stands up for our front line staff and defends the right of our people to have access to health care, education and employment. He will certainly get my vote as will Dominic Hannigan for the Labour Party, these are the type of people we need in the Dail, not Bloated Ministers who would dare to spend 70,000 Euro taking their family to America for St Patrick's Day with our tax dollars.

    Cllr Peadar Tóibín, a native of Bridge St, Navan, is the son of well known garage proprietor Jack Tobin and former Banba Hall Naoinra teacher Bean Tóibín. Peadar has a degree in Economics and Politics from University College Dublin and Postgraduate in Enterprise from the Michael Smurfitt School of Business. Cllr Tóibín is a self employed Management Consultant and the founder of the Navan based firm réalt* Consulting. Peadar has over 5 years experience working with small to medium sized enterprise on behalf of County Enterprise Boards through out the country, Scottish Enterprise, InterTradeIreland and Border Innovation Gateway.

    Peadar has worked as a “Recognised Teacher” with Queen’s University Belfast and is currently a director on the board of Meath Tourism. Cllr Tóibín is also the Leas Cathaoirleach of Conradh na Gaeilge, An Uaimh. Peadar was co-opted to Navan Town Council in November 2007 and since then has made a major impact in the town. He is the co-author of Sinn Féin’s detailed ‘Developing Navan’ an economic submission made by the party as part of the Council’s 5 years development plan.

    Earlier this year Peadar also met with Chinese business leaders on a recent trip to Shanghai in an effort to increase business and enterprise ties between the two regions. In an effort to combat Anti Social Behaviour Peadar tabled and passed the ‘Alcohol Tracing System’ motion at council level. This system is designed to allow An Gardaí to trace alcohol found in the ownership of juveniles back to the offending off licences. As part of his Meath Tourism work Peadar proposed the opening up of a complete Boyne walk in order to create tourism jobs and income in the county.

    Peadar tabled and passed a motion calling for all new roads being built in Navan to have cycle lanes installed from the start and for Sustainable Energy Ireland to Audit Council buildings. Peadar also tabled and passed a motion calling for Irish language names to be given to all new residential developments within the town. Peadar has also successfully set up numerous Residents Associations throughout the town in order to help represent the needs of all in Navan and holding the council to account.

    Contact Peadar at: peadartoibin@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on