What Obama wants to do is require all of us to use. Ckeck it out.

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    OLYHOOCHposted 6 years ago

    Dear World Net Daily Reader,

    Our long-time friends from the United States Justice Foundation alerted us to the most egregious invasion of American privacy yet by the Obama administration and it MUST be stopped! 

    What Obama wants to do is require all of us to use his digital signature whenever we go on the internet or send email.  I urge you to support USJF's campaign against Obama!  The privacy you protect will be your own.

    Joseph Farah

    United States Justice Foundation
    Post Office Box 2806
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
    February 24, 2011

    Dear Fellow Patriots,
    As Barak Obama continues his efforts to control our daily life and impose his will upon us, this time by controlling our internet access, we must strike back at him!

    Mr. Obama, on January 8, 2011, stated that he had tasked our federal Commerce Department with the job of deploying a federal "Digital Identity" for every American and that Obama will require all Americans to employ the federal Digital Identity to use the internet.

    Well, what is a Digital Identity and what does it do? In all electronic communications – whether such is in the form of sending or receiving email, visiting pages on the internet and even in cell phone conversations – there is the possibility of using what is called “encrypted communications”. The objective of encryption is to “jumble” the electronic information being passed from the sender to the intended recipient in such a manner that the information cannot be understood by an eavesdropper.

    This “jumbling” is accomplished through electronic “keys” consisting of a private key and a public key.

    Unless you hold the private key, you cannot read the encrypted information. Think of it as a modern, much more complex version of the old “secret codes” used in World War II and since, where different letters and numbers meant different things, so the message could only be understood by someone with a “code sheet”, explaining what the letters and numbers meant.

    Obama is going to impose his will on all major internet communications companies and force them to use his code sheet so he can track everyone’s use of the internet.

    Here is the dirty trick Obama is going to try: Obama wants the federal government to become the Big Brother, able to watch and read everything you do on the internet.

    Thus, Obama wants the Commerce Department to hold a national “code sheet” that can be used to decrypt every bit of information that you – and every other American - sends, or receives, over the internet. If this is accomplished, you will have no private thoughts left.

    If we don't act now, it will be too late and Obama will have literally placed a barcode on your forehead allowing him to follow you around the internet, watching everything your do!  Act NOW before it is too late.

    How will this be done? While it is a process that only takes milliseconds to complete, the technology behind it is complex. Obama will base his national digital ID on the fact that YOU will not be allowed on the internet unless you expose Obama’s public key through your browser (such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari Browser, or the Firefox browser) or your email client (such as Microsoft’s Outlook or Outlook Express or Apple Mail).

    What sort of companies would come under such control? Any company that provides telephone service such as AT&T, BellSouth, and SBCGlobal would be included. These sorts of companies control over 1.4 billion email addresses throughout the world according to their own advertisements.

    Any company that provides public cable services involving telephone, communications or data transmissions. This will include such giants as Comcast, Cox Cable, Cablevision, Cable One, Charter Communications, Mediacom, RCN, Road Runner and Time Warner Cable.

    Between just these two types of companies regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, there is more than 100% control of American communications within Obama’s grasp should he succeed!

    How can something be “… more than 100%”? Easy, just think of how many people have phone service by one company and cable by another. The figures add up very quickly so you will have no place to turn where Obama is not reading your thoughts!

    We as a nation must band together and force our Congress to stop this frightening power grab!

    If, say, Google or Bing or Yahoo! cannot read Obama’s public key on your computer you will be denied internet access: you will not be able to browse the internet or send (or receive) email unless we, as conservatives, act NOW!

    What can we do?

    You can tell Congress that you want to stop Obama dead in his tracks… that you want to strip the Commerce Department of the power to carry out Obama’s nefarious tricks.

    I have previously sent to you copies of our proposed “Guaranty of Digital Security Act.

    We must prove to Congress that the American people are behind this bill and that we want them to protect our privacy.

    You can read this proposed bill by going to our Landing Page where you will find it at the bottom of the page. At the top is our request that you send Congress a demand letter that they protect your right to privacy.

    The demand letter is completely editable so knock yourself out and give the members of Congress a piece of your mind.

    If we, as Americans, don't take back our privacy, our government - even our American way of life - Obama will strip us of it all and laugh all the way to the his socialist heaven.

    I urge you to follow this link to send demand letters to all Members of Congress. If you wish, also send to the Senate to put them on notice. But, at this time, we need only to work with the House.

    Please note that I have included this time a "Senior Citizens" group for those of you living on limited income. Please, if you are not over 65 and on limited income, select one of the regular FaxGram groups.

    Remember - the privacy you save will be your own! No one else is going to this for us. We have to ACT and ACT now!


    Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
    Executive Director
    United States Justice Foundation

    PS – I urge you to follow this link and elect to send demand letters to all members of Congress right now!  If we do not stop Obama, there will be no privacy on the internet.  Every page you visit, every message you send, every query you make on Google, Bing or Yahoo will become known to Obama and his statist henchmen.

    The privacy you protect is your own.  The republic you will save is America.  Act Now!



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    lady_love158posted 6 years ago

    Obama has been looking for a way to control the media through net neutrality under the FCC supervision. They know the power of free speech and have seen what it can do ... just look at the role it played in the middle east uprisings! He must be stopped! Our freedom depends on it!

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    ShortStoryposted 6 years ago