Bin Laden takedown looks like it's bearing fruit!

  1. earnestshub profile image88
    earnestshubposted 6 years ago

    In the last couple of days the taliban and other terrorist leaders are getting knocked off like flies! 9 in one hit alone.
    Did the lads get some of that data un encrypted and translated already and are acting on it using drones?
    I wonder what other if any covert ops are under-way.

    America is rightly p*ssed with the terrorists, the have had plenty of opportunity to cut deals in Pakistan and even Afghanistan, but all they have in mind is wipe out the America the great satan. HOw do you negotiate that fer gawds sake!

    As long as the intelligence is right and they don't hit the locals it seems like a lucky strike for America to me.
    What do you believe?

    1. dutchman1951 profile image61
      dutchman1951posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      A Calculated Strike and move to Destroy Terrorist Organization, and stop efforts to do so in the future, if they can.

      The News here is already hinting that Egypt has to get moving on a goverment ASAP, so as to not allow The Terror Groups Time to Organise, while the young still want Democracy.

      what is to come will be Interesting. Lucky break indeed. Hope we do it right for a change!