Presidental Expectations for individuals and our country

  1. Terry Baldwin profile image59
    Terry Baldwinposted 6 years ago

    I think a lot of us fall into a place where we have unrealistic expectations for our presidents.  Granted our elected officials are guilty of promising unabtainable goals and stature.  In this past election I heard a voter exclaim that President Obama is going to make her rich.  While this may be an extreme claim, I had to wonder if we as Americans, even if it is marginal, buy into the same idea as this woman.  Do we believe an elected official can somehow dictate the amount of money we earn to a point where we can go from poverty to riches?  A president does not have the ability to increase our education, that is up to us to pursue higher learning.  A president cannot grant us an executive position with a thriving company, this is earned through years of schooling and hard work.  A president does not have to ability to put money away for our retirement, gone are the days of pensions for most of us so it is our job to invest and manage our finances responsibly.  A president, although we consider this the most powerful position in the world, at the end of the day all he can do is start or end a war.  I would argue our focus and our expectations for a president should be to simply protect our nation and maintain foriegn relations which in my opinion is a full time position in itself.