Isn't Being the Example in the World Enough? (What are WE to Do?)

  1. ShizLAN profile image54
    ShizLANposted 6 years ago

    I have written many a time in my own Works that
    there is no overstating the importance of
    just merely living the example of
    how you would like to see the world...
    yet, I hear from many that there is still
    a desire for more--more strategy, more campaigns,
    more activism, more influence on the world stage.
    Are these desires natural, I wonder?
    Isn't finding peace within enough?

    Or, is this a product of the mind at peace?
    I have seen in history that when there is too much peace,
    one becomes restless and searches their soul for
    the dreams of excitement, drama, and adventure.

    Is the realization of the perspective of
    "living in Paradise" as a state of mind
    truly enough?  Or is there a need for
    still more activity beyond that...?

    And, assuming there is, what could they be?
    (please, no mention of firearms, violence,
    or explosives in this thread, thank you smile

    1. Cagsil profile image60
      Cagsilposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      No they are not natural.
      It's a sign of person guiding their life to a higher purpose other than self.
      I would say that it's a bad perception.
      For someone who doesn't set their own purpose then no. Those who set their own purpose constantly has activity and brings them peace.

  2. ShizLAN profile image54
    ShizLANposted 6 years ago

    Yes, this seems to show that those that are
    constantly in a state of change fueled by purpose,
    as you pointed out, Cagsil, are not driven to
    the desires for adventure, as are the youth.

    The scene in "Empire Strikes Back" when Yoda
    points our that Luke is young and reckless
    is a prime example of this...Luke, having
    been moisture farming on Tattoine for
    the major part of his life had the
    thirst for adventure...

    As to whether they are natural or not,
    hard to say for sure.  Sometimes I look
    into the animal kingdom for signs as to
    whether they exhibit similar traits
    to shed light on these types of
    questions about behavior.

    As far as ideas for campaigns go...
    for more activities to be involve with
    than merely tending to one's garden
    or making art in a studio, etc.
    I am not sure about the rules here
    involved with posting links to pages
    and sites externally to further the chat
    and build on ideas, but, there is an idea
    that I promoted in the Occupy wall Street
    crowd that a fellow started he refers to as:
    "Meditation Flash Mob" where people can synchronize
    their intentions together at the same time in other spaces.
    I mentioned that point, that it would be a potential
    coordination exercise to link the other locations
    around the country and world currently occupied.

    I also just today saw a page on Facebook
    that was called, "Occupy Love."
    I am glad to see this because
    I am of course concerned that
    there will be more of the run-ins
    with police unless some people can guide.
    Sucks feeling so disconnected for me.
    I am currently not able to be
    involved (in the physical.)