WWII Veteran Gets medals in the mail

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    Stacie Lposted 6 years ago

    Published: Sunday, November 13, 2011 10:45 AM CST
    More than six decades after being freed from a Japanese prisoner of war camp, a Utah veteran was compelled to relive the horrors and triumphs of his World War II experience this month when he received a mysterious package containing seven military medals, including the Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star.

    The medals have become a source of pride for retired Army Capt. Tom Harrison, 93, since they arrived in a box with nothing more than a packing slip from a logistics center in Philadelphia on Nov. 4, which happened to be his 65th wedding anniversary. But they have also refreshed painful memories of the Bataan Death March, POW camps and the comrades he lost during the war or in the years since.

    Harrison can talk at length about his time as a soldier in the Philippines. But he talks about it much like he talks about golf, focusing on small details _ be it the flight of a well-hit tee shot or the day he met Gen. Douglass M

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    http://www.theindependent.com/articles/ … medals.txt
    {b] without ceremony and sent like any parcel post package, one of our war POW heroes get recognition..too little too late?[b]

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    Charles Jamesposted 6 years ago

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