The Secret Farm Bill of 2011

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    SparklingJewelposted 6 years ago

    taxpayers money thru gov. subsidies goes the "big farms" that produce crops that facilitate obesity and junkfood ... read more about that at this link...

    there is a petition in the article, too … artTest_A5

    "... A 2011 farm bill designed to create a new handout that would guarantee income to the biggest farmers—despite their near-record profits—thankfully died, for the time being. EWG called it the "Secret Farm Bill" of 2011. Big agribusiness and their powerful Congressional allies tried to slip the bill into law through the top-secret Super Committee process without justification, open debate, or a single vote. Although the 2011 bill imploded under pressure from concerned representatives and a feeding frenzy of lobbyists, there is sure to be "episode two" of the saga in 2012.

        According to US PIRG, Representative Jeff Flake of Arizona has introduced a bill for 2012 that would reform the worst of the agricultural subsidies—cutting $28 billion over the next 10 years.

        If you don't like the idea of your tax dollars lining the pockets of wealthy corporations that flood the market with sugary sodas and corn chips, now is the time to speak up, as Congress is preparing to vote on the legislation that perpetuates this system. US PIRG provides a handy link on their website to help you send a letter to your state representatives.

        But remember, you can also voice your opinion every day by voting with your checkbook. Support small family farms in your area. Even if it means buying just one or two items at your local farmers market, instead of the big box store, those little purchases add up.

        Return to a diet of real, whole foods—fresh organic produce, meats from animals raised sustainably on pasture, without cruelty, and raw organic milk and eggs. Say no to junk food producers by not buying it. Eating this way will earn you a long, healthy life—whereas the typical American diet may set you on the pathtoward a triple bypass.

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    My father told me all the time, "Money talks and s*it walks".
    There is TOO much lobby money in the halls of Congress.
    I guess the big corporate farms think we taxpayers should be
    eating their cheap junk food.
    They want to keep us "fat,dumb and happy"
    Thanks for sharing this