the contraception issue is still there...

  1. SparklingJewel profile image77
    SparklingJewelposted 5 years ago

    "Give him points for cleverness. President Obama’s birth-control “accommodation” was as politically successful as it was morally meaningless. It was nothing but an accounting trick that still forces Catholic (and other religious) institutions to provide medical insurance that guarantees free birth control, tubal ligation, and morning-after abortifacients — all of which violate church doctrine on the sanctity of life." … rauthammer

    this is a legal and Constitutional issue for me...I still believe there are more than enough people out there to help those that want it without having to usurp anyone's conscientious objections

    1. ib radmasters profile image60
      ib radmastersposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Contraception and Abortion are social issues that are not solved by government. For the 2012 Election it should be a non issue as it detracts from those issues that government is capable of solving.

  2. lovemychris profile image59
    lovemychrisposted 5 years ago

    Oh they're solving it is near impossible for women to obtain a legal medical procedure in America because the church dissaproves.

    Using gvt to enforce religion. Then cry about how they can't pray in schools.

    Here: I'll show you....I pray that Obama is re-elected.

    There--I prayed and who stopped me?

    Forcing their religion on everybody is what it's all about.

    And THAT is against the Constitution!

    And my 4th amendment rights are violated by these people daily.

    I saw this today: "I'll just send my uterus in to the GOP....eliminate the middleman"