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My adopted child is more important than my kids

Updated on October 1, 2012

My Adopted Child is more important than my kids

Mr John who has been in the hospital for months and keep showering encomiums on his adopted child without talking about his biological children . When i inquired why he has so much admiration for this young girl and only scorn for his two children ,he has this to say.


When the going was good
When the going was good

My adopted child is more important than my kids

How an adopted child became more important than the kids

How can you say that Mr john ,i asked ,i will say that even in the presence of my entire family ,he replied .How many months have i been in this hospital and only once has my wife and kids come to visit me .No day ends without my adopted child stopping by ,to visit me ,bringing flowers and running errands for me. Now listen to this


My daughter went to the best high school money could afford and one of the best universities in the land but graduated with a boyfriend, instead of certificate. Discussing the boy's issue increases my blood pressure .Just like his sister ,instead of coming out with a certificate ,he graduated with two tattoos.My adopted child attended one of the worse high schools around ,the type that has a reputation for having the highest number of petty thieves in their alumni. She still went on to graduate with a good result.


We treated the adopted child like an ordinary house- help .She cooks, washes our cloths and did other house- hold chores .While my kids sharpen their video- games skills.

As if that was not enough, she does the grocery shopping and other sundry things but my kids knows only how to count their monthly allowance.


We shop at the best places for cloths and other items.For her, either we locate the cheapest shop around or no deal.Yet when she wears this cloths she still looks stunning in them but my kid's expensive cloths makes a good designer look bad.


Even with all this discrimination and abuse ,the adopted child is still very respectful and has never caused me problems with anyone .My children use trouble to seek my attention. This is one of the reasons that landed me in hospital in the first place.


Without university education which we intentionally denied her ,the adopted- child still has a good job and is training herself in the university through part time education. My kids seems to be in a hurry to achieve their inheritance.

I feel so ashamed of myself for allowing my wife's fears and insecurities to take hold of me . I wish i could rewind the hands of the clock.Maybe i would have treated the poor child differently .I wouldn't have maltreated and seen her like an adopted child.This is why it is good for people seeking to adopt a child to learn the basics of adoption to avoid the green- eyed monster called jealousy from creeping in .Those who wish to adopt a child should read and read because when one has kids of their own ,seeing the adopted child showing more promise could trigger one's primordial sentiments.Whatever happens ,she is more important than all of them


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please feel free to leave a comment

please feel free to leave a comment

Do you think Mr John is right - What is your take on this

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