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The Best Organic Facial Care Products

Updated on December 31, 2010

Moisturize, Clean, and Tone Your Skin with the Best Organic Facial Care Products Ever Created!

Treat your face to the natural organic facial care products from Chartreuse! Earth and skin friendly products like aloe vera juice, avocado, and tea tree essential oils can naturally hydrate, smoothe, and make the skin feel rejuvenated, healthy and younger. There's no need for the harsh, skin irritating chemicals found in many conventional cosmetics, creams, cleansers and moisturizers, Chartreuse strips away all of those and leaves mother nature to clean and hydrate the delicate facial skin. Whether you want to reduce under eye puffiness with the organic under eye cream, or clear up troublesome acne naturally, Chartreuse will help you on your path to a more healthy, glowing and vibrant skin!

Why Not All Organics Are Created Equal

How some retailers abuse the term "organic" and "all natural"

While it would be nice if all organic products were safe and better for you, this is not always the case. The term "natural" has no technical meaning in the cosmetic world, so it can be applied to almost anything. Be careful of bait and switch cosmetics that take their old recipe and switch out the water with an organic juice, a common practice.

Organic Daily Facial Cream

from Chartreuse

One of the most popular products! This skin firming, luxurious organic facial moisturizer will treat your skin to the vitamin rich and antioxidant properties of Vitamin A, E, B5, and Vitamin C. Pure avocado and jojoba oils do a great job in treating the face and decreasing wrinkles. Unlike other traditional moisturizers, this is free of petroleum based emollients like mineral oil and lanolin. Great for decreasing wrinkles, moisturizing dry skin, and firming up, this organic facial cream is perfect to use daily. Antioxidants soften and nourish, while the avocado and aloe vera smooth and hydrate your face to a healthy glow.

Ready to truly organic with your facial care regiment?

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Natural Exfoliating Facial Scrub

from Chartreuse

Stimulate new cell growth in your skin and reveal your younger, healthier skin below with this natural exfoliating scrub from Chatreuse Products. Through exfoliation, you'll be smoothing dead skin skills from your skin to a healthy complexion and overall improving your circulation. It is recommend that you exfoliate once or twice a week (more may irritate your skin). The natural Jojoba Beads contribute to the exfoliation by gently polishing the skin and making the pore size smaller. High quality ingredients like the organic aloe juice, apricot kernel oil, joboa beads, sugar cane extract, green tea extract, mango butter, neem oil and organic shea butter will invigorate and refresh the skin. Give your face the care it deserves!

Organic Moisturizing Skin Toner

from Chartreuse

For sensitive skinThe soothing, calming properties of the distilled rose and hamamelis plant in this product are suitable for all skin types, but are especially revitalizing and nourishing to dry, sensitive, or mature skin. In this product, you'll find the cooling organic aloe vera juice, stimulating tea tree essential oil, comforting rose distillate, cleansing witch hazel distillate, and the natural properties of black willowbark extract to make your face immaculate.

Using a toner is an essential step in the process of cleaning and moisturizing your skin. After washing, the toner removes any extra dirt from the pores, and also closes and minimizes the pores. Follow up with the organic facial moisturizer.

It's important to remember that not all organic products are the same! For food products, they should be certified organic. For beauty products, try to see if more than one ingredient is listed as organic.

How much of your groceries, soaps, clothing and skin care products do you buy organic?

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Organic Under Eye Cream

from Chartreuse

Finally, a non greasy eye cream that's organic and full of antioxidants! Treat your delicate under eye area to this skin tightening and fill in the crows feet and wrinkles with this essential nourishing cream. After applying, the skin will appear more youthful, there will be less puffiness under the eyes, and the moisturizer is non greasy, so it will not cause breakouts on the face. High quality ingredients like the organic shea butter, rooibos tea extract, vitamin e, rosemary and neem oil are the perfect natural way to treat your fragile, delicate under eye skin. Preservative and paraben free. To use, gently apply, never rub. Due to the natural ingredients in this product and lack of preservatives, expect a shelf life of 6-12 months.

How do you shop for these products?

Visit this page and click "shop for products." All of the products are on that page.

Organic Multi Tea Cleanser

from Chartreuse

Great for combination skin, this organic multi tea cleanser provides the stimulating and cleansing powers of green and white teas. Not tested on animals, and mineral oil and paraben free, this product will gently cleanse while treating the skin with rosemary, neem oil, rooibos tea, natural preservatives, and vitamin E. These ingredients are a safe, effective alternative to the chemical filled lotions and cleansers you might see on the market today.

Traditional products may cause redness, irritiation, and burning as they strip the skin of essential moisture, while chemically removing dirt and leaving your skin to absorb the harsh chemicals. This cleanser is the perfect way to avoid those chemicals on your body's largest organ, the skin.

Organic Gentle Relief Toner

from Chartreuse

Suitable for acneic skin or combination skin. Clean your skin naturally with this pH balanced formula of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar to lessen the symptoms of skin inflamed with acne. Other ingredients like the aloe leaf juice and black willowbark extract will soothe the facial skin, while combatting acne at the same time. Great used in combination with the acne relief organic gel and the non-greasy organic facial cream.

It's green skin care for the face!

All of these products have the most natural and organic ingredients that Chartreuse can possible use. If it can be found at a reasonable cost organically, it will be included. All of these products are also never tested on animals, and they're pesticide free, so you'll be helping out the environment, too.

Natural Acne Skin Care Relief Cleanser

from Chartreuse

A natural gel cleanser, this acne relief care product will combat pimples, zits, skin irritations and blemishes with natural alpha hydroxy acids, tea tree, and other nutrients. Detergent free and harsh soap free, it won't dry out your skin or cause skin to dry up and get red or further blemished. For combination skin, use alternately with Chartreuse Multi-Tea Cleanser. Used in combination with the organic moisturizing facial cream, this product will treat the face the way it wants to be treated, naturally and organically! Products like the lavender distillate, organic chamomile distillate, tea extracts will leave the skin feeling refreshed, and not stinging or burning. It will also remove dead skin cells and open up the pores to remove dirt and bacteria, without benzoyl peroxide.

Complete Organic Facial Care Set

from Chartreuse

Give the gift of naturally clean skin with this complete organic facial care set! Features the Natural Exfoliating Scrub, Organic Multi-Tea Cleaners, Moisturizing Toner, Organic Daily Facial Cream, and soothing Organic Under Eye Cream. Great for a Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, or a way to say thank you! They'll love you for it, and their skin will too!

Organic Cotton Balls - Apply your organic facial cleansers with these organic cotton balls

These organic cotton balls are the ideal way to delicately clean your face without the pesticides. While these aren't offered by Chartreuse, they would be a great addition to your facial care regiment.

Swisspers Organics Cotton Balls - 80
Swisspers Organics Cotton Balls - 80

80 piece count.

Shipped to your door!


Find more organic skin care and reusable products at

Find more organic skin care and reusable products at
Find more organic skin care and reusable products at

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      ChristmasPlanningGuide 7 years ago

      Interesting product line - personally I'm trying to buy healthier products. It can be a fine line between products that are good for you and products that actually work. Also, you have to be careful that the company is reputable and really is providing a great product. May give some of these a try...

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      religions7 8 years ago

      Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :) (again)