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Hub: Poor Me Syndrome

Updated on December 10, 2021
It's starts early!
It's starts early! | Source

Yes, life can absolutely be very unfair at times, hard, painful and just plain wrong.

It is the true strength of character within a person, that does not allow this to define them!

Maybe we are insecure? Perhaps we are just plain lazy? Whatever the case, we can not allow the bad times to gain the upper hand and bring us down.

We allow thoughts of the past or our own stamina, to get the better of us. Sometimes you just have to talk yourself into a more positive way forward.

The brain and the power of thought, is a beautiful thing!

Many times throughout a week, I will hear people say; " it's not fair".

That there, my wonderful readers, is what is known as, Poor Me Syndrome.

Some people go through life, expecting that they are owed something. Ultimately without having to work hard for it or earn it, in any way. When things do not go as they expect, their first train of thought is to blame other people.

They didn't get invited to that party! Have they asked themselves why? Not for for one moment have they looked within themselves and contemplated, where they could possibly be going wrong. Yet, they have not bothered to contact that person lately. They didn't motivate themselves or show enough concern, to go to visit them.

It happens all the time with people searching for jobs. There is a minority of people that choose not to work. They say things like; "It's not fair, why do you only have a month to respond to the job listing?". Then they complain, when someone else gets the position. No, they shouldn't complain! That person got the job because they showed motivation and enthusiasm, for the position.

Then there is the other type of job hunter, who will not go to an interview because they find the job beneath them. Then the first words out of their mouth is, "It's not fair, why am I broke all the time?". I know this because a spent a short time on government assistance and watched it happening around me, many times!

Jobs are out there, if you really want them. Forget going to the beach with your mates or sitting around playing Xbox. If you got up and put the effort into getting one, you would not have to say, "It's not fair". Who cares if you think it is beneath you, do it anyway! You may learn something about life.

A person I know, is the perfect example of this syndrome. Over the simplest little thing, like a mobile phone.

Everyone around this person had a mobile phone, when mobile phones were becoming popular. This person despised technology and believe it was no good for people. However, he was still not happy because everyone around him had one and he didn't. The next statement out of his mouth was, "It's not fair, why don't I have a mobile?". This person was 40 years old at the time! A so called grown up.

Sick and tired of his complaining, his well off sister, finally bought him a mobile phone. The gentleman unwrapped the phone, played with it for the first week and barely ever used it again. Every day, his wife and kids, would hand him his phone and tell him not to forget it. Without fail - he left it behind. The gentleman's wife, took over the phone because it was never being used and seemed like a waste. For 12 months the wife used it and her husband never used it again.

One day the phone broke! The gentleman got upset. Saying "That would be right, finally get a phone and someone breaks it". " I need a new phone" he said. Yet he had distanced himself from it since day one but in his mind, it was still his. Whenever his friends talked about their phones, he would complain that his wife broke his. If a phone television advertisement came on, all you would hear for the next hour, were complaints about not having a phone.

At their wits end, the family purchased another phone. The gentleman never used this one either. A while later, that phone broke as well and you would not believe it, the cycle started all over again. That was going on for 10 years!

The man has spent 10 years of his life, wanting a mobile phone, simply so he can tell people he has one. Puts on the "It's not fair" routine, Every single time the phone breaks.

It was not just mobile phones either. If the man dropped a fork on the floor, the next statement would be, "That would be right, it's not fair! Why does this stuff always happen to me?"

This is a syndrome that starts very young. You will also find that, the greater percentage of these people, had a mum that would clean up their room for them. Every time their child had a temper tantrum or cried, the parents would give them what they want.

Get on top of it early and try not to give your children, everything they want. We love our kids, we want the best for them and can't stand to see them cry. However, sometimes they really need too! For their own good, as a future adult.

They will grow up wanting what they can't have or do not really need. Always thinking, that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Have a strong approach in making them realize, that some people are doing it really tough out there.

Kids need to focus on what they do have in life and appreciate it, rather then focus on what they have not yet received or believe they deserve to receive.

(C)Copyright 2011

From the author; Hi everyone. I wrote this hub quite a while ago. At the time, everybody around me was complaining about something. I would be very curious to hear peoples thoughts on my hub. I wrote it with a bit of a fire in my belly at the time. I am not quite sure what people think of it or even if I like it myself?

Who knows, maybe I am being my own worst critic? :) Would love to hear from you all!

© 2011 Skellie


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