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Push the Kush

Updated on February 28, 2018

'Push the Kush' or Bill C-45 Canada

This is the one campaign promise that Justin Trudeau has been able to keep. The Legalization of Marijuana.

I refer to it as "The Push The Kush" Bill.

After Justin was elected Prime Minister, this Bill started being pushed through faster than a Cheech and Chong roll up.

While I will claim to be on the fence about legalization, in truth I'm all for it... within reason.

Up In Smoke

With an estimated $676 Million for this bill to come to fruition, even Spicoli is impressed with this tasty wave. (This is the cost of changing the laws, policing the operations, and rewriting Criminal Code are just some of the costs).

It also includes an undeveloped Driving Under the Influence section. Since there is no way to truly measure impairment amounts, and effects of pot while driving, this is to be a trial and error experiment on our highways.

Another tasty feature of this homegrown law, is the over 12 under 18 clause. If you are 12 years to under 18 years, you may not have more than 5g on your person.(Possession 8.c in C-45) Excellent then, another thing schools will have to contend with. Keep in mind though, the Bill C-45 does state that you cannot sell to under 18 years.

However, smoking the Wacky Weed in Public is strictly forbidden, as it falls under the 'smoking in public' law for tobacco.

So let's take Colorado as an example of legalised marijuana. Two major feature of Colorado Law is:

  1. You can have it in your car, you just can't be driving while Under the Influence. I agree with this. How hard is that? Don't Toke and Drive. Zero Tolerance. Problem solved.
  2. Age of legal purchase, and consumption is 21. That's easy enough. Make the age across Canada 21 years, and call it done.

Should someone under 21 need it for a medical purpose, will need a prescription. Just like they would for any other medication.



Seriously though, medically, the benefits of marijuana is, and can be, a godsend for many. However, for those who need it for medical purposes, it's easier now than ever to get the needed prescription. The list of Medical benefits is extensive, but here's a SMALL sampling of treatments that have Doctors prescribing it more often than not:

Pain reduction, as opposed to opioids like Oxycodone.

It has been shown beneficial in epilepsy and Dravet's by reducing number of seizures, and severity, suffered.

Treatment for Glaucoma.

Decreases anxiety disorders, and PTSD.

Effects ADHD, while Ritalin and Adderall, have serious side effects.

So, I ask, why is our Government pushing this Bill so hard? If you need a prescription for Antibiotics, should one not need a prescription for Medical Marijuana? At least until everyone can agree on the most basic of laws, and education, regarding this combustible herbage?

On Hold or Defeated

As this Bill was being pushed through, since Justin Trudeau took over as PM, the Bills that have been defeated, or have been put on hold, in the last two years, will surprise you:

Bill C-378 Defeated 2017. This was the Fairness Principles Bill regarding Veterans, and their families, be treated in a timely manner regarding care and treatment. (For those of you who don't watch the House of Commons news feed, the Liberals ALL stood up for the 'Nay' vote on this).

Bill C-330 On Hold since 2013, put on hold after being revisited in 2016: It is in relation to treating Veterans with brain injuries, and needs.

Bill C-685 On Hold since late 2015/ early 2016: Increasing Seniors standard of living. Remember, Seniors, in Canada, are living $10,000 per year below poverty line. re:

Bill C-245 Defeated 2016: Canada Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Obviously there are others, but these seem to be so important, and simple. Seniors Veterans', and our impoverished are being ignored by our present Government, and it looks as if they will continue to be ignored.

Maybe one should remind our Liberal Government that Cheech and Chong are now Seniors and require Ganga funds.

Your opinon

Is the legalisation of Marijauna being pushed through to fast?

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Legal Age

What do you think legal age should be?

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Toking and Driving

Should someone be allowed a limited amount while operating a motor vehicle?

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© 2018 Shaunna Jones Leclair

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