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Silver Lining in Lockdown

Updated on July 26, 2020
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Positive side of COVID-19 lockdown all over the globe. The silver linings are always present in tough times. If only we could see it.

A blessing in disguise

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a world-wide emergency. World governments have imposed lockdowns and have urged people to stay at home. This prolonged lockdown has triggered many critical changes all over the world including disturbed mental state of people, slowing down of economies, rise in unemployment, maximized use of technologies etc. But the silver lining in this dark time is also visible. Alongside all the troubles of the current situation, this lockdown has provided us with the precious gift of extra and spare time. Yes a gift! It is because the way we were living and proceeding in our lives before the lockdown, the way the world was moving forward so rapidly, this spare time might have never come in our lives.

World-Wide Lockdown

How is it a blessing in disguise?

What is so special about this spare time? Life seems really boring in these lockdown times. There is no proper routine of physical activity, no exciting social interactions and events, no gatherings, no hangouts, no fun, and just the constant monotonous flow. But still the significance of this spare time is unmatched. It can shape the lives, the future of lots of individuals and ultimately the future of our world. Hopefully the situation will be back to normal sooner or later and this precious time might never come back.
If we try to think this through, one of the biggest development issues faced by the individuals in their lives is the negligence towards setting the major goal or a purpose of life. Many people are actually unaware of themselves. In today's world, there is hardly any spare time for individuals to think about themselves, about the world and what is happening and what should happen. So, it is a call to arms situation that we must think and use this spare time to our benefit.

What needs to be done?

This valuable time should be utilized for:

1. Self-actualization.

2. Finding the answers to the questions like who am I, why am I, what am I capable of, etc.

3. Setting a clear purpose of life.

4. Setting the milestones and a clear path to your destination.

5. Practicing optimism.

6. Improving the mental and psychological abilities and skills.

7. Increasing your knowledge and awareness.

8. Reaching the higher levels of spirituality.

9. Setting your foot on the road.


A personal obligation

Life is short and every individual has to play his/her role in this world. Every individual knowing clearly about his/her particular purpose of life and then striving hard and then achieving that goal can be a really valuable step towards making this world a better place. A goal-oriented life is much better than a life with an unclear, undefined, and a fruitless vision. A monotonous life only makes a person depressed, slow, lazy, anxious and internally sick. A person with no clear vision can never move forward with determination.


A vision is actually a goal. It is a purpose of life. We all have some goals in our lives. Some of us have small goals and some of us have big goals. But there are some of us who make their dreams, their ultimate goals and their purpose of life. We are living in an ever changing world. Daily we hear about new events, incidents and happenings all over the world. This world is actually a big convoy that is moving forward and it faces new issues daily. We all are a part of this convoy. There are those who complete their role of accompanying this convoy and striving for the betterment of this convoy all their life. They leave and go far away. And there are those who are young and new on this journey. They are energetic. But nowadays, these young ones have so many options and diversities that they actually get confused in determining their role with this convoy. It is because nowadays, they don't have much spare time from the worries of this huge convoy to think about themselves. They don't have much spare time to think about what they were meant for. Due to this continuous flow, they keep on moving with this convoy without paying attention to the fact that if they will not explore and master the things they were meant for, they might face a huge mountain of difficulties and challenges that they might be left far behind from the convoy of this world. Therefore, in order to stay prosperous with the convoy, one must be aware and one must be the master of things, one was meant for. Becoming a master will obviously take time and it can be done and achieved with the passage of time. But the awareness of those things and the self-actualization must be the initial and the first step to be taken as soon as possible. This awareness about one's purpose, this vision of an individual will drive him to strive, to struggle, to endure, to survive, to succeed and to move along with this convoy of the world with utmost desire and interest. And there is no time like the present with this much spare time available to correct our visionary alignment.



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