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the freedom of Nigeria

Updated on January 28, 2014

What are the elders doing?

Our heart beats faster as we anticipate and try peeping through the windows of event in waiting for Nigeria’s jubilee. I keep my eyes wide opened, trying to observe and evaluate the aftermath of the toils of this God owned nation. Nigeria as a country has celebrated her 50 years (jubilee) anniversary of her independence, her freedom, yet it still seemed to me as though she is still in bondage . as there is nothing much to show for this freedom. We are still crawling at age 49, with no thoughts of getting up yet, it is nothing to us that stand bye. A Yoruba adage says “ a old person or an adult cannot be in the market and yet the head of the new child is disoriented” my question is where are the adults, men of full age that can discern, that can perceive times and season, men that knows there is something wrong with this nation, men that can be radical enough to take this country to the physician for proper care.

We have toiled all night and caught nothing!

It is heart rendering and sometimes pathetic when I sit back and see Nigeria like bro Peter toiling all through the day and night on the sea in search for fish. I see him move from east to west, north to south, from coast to coast, spreading his net at regular interval. I can see him use his hand to wipe the sweat off his face as a result of his toil, and as we see him approach the tide, we full of expectation and anticipation watch to see what our brother has been able to get but disappointing to see him from the far distance as he approach the tide shake his head in exasperation, as though saying to us that we have toiled all the day and night and we have caught nothing.

It is disappointing that most of my people are not kind enough to call the attention of Christ to this issue; not knowing that all peter needed to do was to explain the situation to Christ and receive the instruction. In the bible, as Christ met peter, he cried and said “lord we have toiled night and day and caught nothing ” then Christ said throw your net on the other side and there was a mighty catch.

Master! master!! don't you care that we perish?

Nigerians, there is need for us to cry out “master, master careth thou not that we should perish? ” we must not continue in our state of fruitfulessness, please you must understand that we are getting close to the tide, where to really meet Jesus (jubilee). Now that we have toiled night and day, now that everything we know has failed us. Cerographist can no longer accurately predict the climate , the economist no longer have any explanation for the economic melt down, the law of diminishing returns and other theories have failed, scientist are every day coming up with new and counter ideas that they themselves do not understand, where else do we look to ?

your responsibility

Is it nothing to you that pass bye? Believers go about with the crude mentality filled with misinterpretation of the scripture that says that the world is ruled and governed by the devil forgrtting that God the creator of heaven and the earth declares through the psalmist that He rulleth in the affairs of men. They about their daily activities pretending not to see and know what is happening not know that if Esther at this time does not go before the king for Israel she should not think that she would be spared when the battle begins, perhaps God has brought you as Esther at such a time as this. The holy book said “pray for the peace of Jerusalem and it shall be well with you”. My heart bleeds when I see believers having a non challant attitude about the state of this nation. It reminds me of the parable Christ narrated about the good Samaritan. We are like the other priesrs that just went bye, never lending a helping hand, perhaps they thought the best place for a person is to be in the middle of the road and for a normal person to br filled with wounds all over the body is no problem to them, not until a man with the eyeball of Christ jesus came, gave the first aid and took him to an inn. Believers rise up and intercede, let tears roll down your cheek for the daughters of my people, never cease to cry and weep until God’s purpose is fulfilled for Nigerians freedom.

Prophetic assurrance

This is the most interesting part which I can stake my life with because I know its imminent and infallible. See it in romans8:21 “ because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God” yes the deliverance is assured, I shall declare the decree! Whether you like it or not, the deliverance of this nation has been prophecied and has no choice than to be fulfilled. I proclaim “ this nation shall be delivered from the bondage in jesus name” and the time is now. Its no longer. I understood by books that the years of indescision has gone, the years of strive and struggle is past, moses spent 40 years enrolling into God’s school, 40years before graduation and commission, the years of uncertainty, confusion and fear is gone. Elijah had to go 40 days in the wilderness without a word from God but when it was accomplished there was breakthrough, moses and our savior jesus Christ had to go through a 40 days fasting and prayer, years of loneliness, want and lack is gone. It is time for our spiritual liberation. The other years was for our preparation, our jubilee is the landmark. We have long waited for it. Now is the time of deliverance, now is the time to get to the promise land, we have roam and lingered long enough in the wilderness.God says “ And a Joshua shall rise and take us to where moses could not take us to ”. Please don’t murmur, make no league with those who do not believe this just key into the revelation.

2corinthians6:2 “for he saith, I have heard thee in the time accepted and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee, behold, now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation”

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