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What We Can Do at Home in Lockdown

Updated on June 7, 2020

Today whole world is in Lockdown. We re cofined to our homes. There is humanitarian crisis and not easy time to live in.Now every person to some extent full of anxiety and uncertainty and this situation is beyond our control.Michigan State Of University pschology professor Jason Moser believe everyone needs to learn Calmonomics means science of being calm in our times.If there is a glass half of water, we have two scenario to see it as half empty or as half full. So let we should treat situation as God given gift in the middle of human crisis.

We will discuss the list of activities which we can do to uplift our mood and moral in such lockdown situation.

Exercise: We can do at home exercise, individually, with or without family Members, it influence our mood and emotion.

Meditation: Meditation is a part of yoga, which gives us high vibration to enrich our present situation.

Affirmation: Affirmation is usually done after meditation or repeated again and again in daily routine.Affirmation are set of instructions and some sort command which are given to our sub-conscious mind verbally. It start from letter " I " . In current scenario the following are the affirmation which can be use.

I am safe.

I am Healthy.

I am Blessed.

Self talk: Its sound strange, but it play a crucial role. In Self-talk we interact with our conscious mind and try to communicate with our mind and try to convince him calm down and be positive through verbal dialogues, interaction session with one-self.

Try gratefulness: Gratefulness is a exercises or practice where you feel and have thought for greatness, for the things, people, who you love is with you, your health, a roof at your head, a bed to sleep, clothes to wear, food to eat, a job in our hand etc. This thoughts should be practice or visualize while meditating, when we rise up on bed in early morning and when you are going to sleep at night. Practising gratefulness is a wonderful medicine for calming anxiety, internal voidness, and unrestfulness of mind.

Listing Music:Music play wonder in this type of situations.Nowadays people are performing singing in their balcony, which is boosting their neighbour moral and also creating happy environment in their department , following the rule of lockdown.

If you are not a good singer or comfortable with singing in front of public, then you can be a good listener. If you have interest in music, download them or listen them online its upto you.

Work On Immunity: If your Immunity is strong then it will play a vital role in this crisis movement of human health. Stronger the immunity, higher the chance of recovering, if someone is infected.Immunity can be achieved by:-

-A good sleep

-Proper balance diet

-Physical activity

-Taking care of emotional health

Activity For Children:At present movement, it is best situation for parent to take care of their activities and in their supervision they can develop a good habit in children mind, uknowingly by praising them to read books, do exercise. The parent can also identify any natural inbuilt quality that his or her children hold and nurture it with the help of internet learning courses.

Activity for Ladies:Due to closing of restaurants and hotels, there is scarcity of outside food items.

So for housewife ladies there is opportunity to new short of recipe. Learn how to make Pizza from scratch or bake a cake. On-line cooking crash course for working women is another good idea.

Redecorate your house wall, corner any which remain untouch.

Activities For Mens:Introspection of yourself, regarding carrier, health,family. Brilliant opportunity to invent in yourself.

Be creative, discover something special that is hidden in you and covered mud like with family responsibility.

Though people have lot of free time, they can eat anytime, sleep anytime at their will but they should maintain a routine discipline otherwise it will create a short of problem when your job time schedule will start again.

You can watch the movies which you wanted to see from many days but unable to do so, have your best movie time.For more entertainment there is new web series online, Netflix etc.

If you are missing your buddies and friends alot you can do video conferencing, video chat and group calling using different available apps like Google Duo, Skype, Viber etc.


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