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WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN OR WOMAN?? That controls gas prices?

Updated on August 9, 2015

Who is the mystery gas controller?

From the first time man lit an oil lamp with crude oil rather than whale oil, and until he discovered gasoline and the mechanical engine. All oil companies have sought for, bought and sold delivered oil products to Americans and especially for the American Cars.

The price of gas at the pumps rises and falls overnight, and now in the electronic controlled pump era it can change in seconds and usually that is in yet another increase. One television news show documented an occurrence that happened right on television live. The price changed 10 cents upward while everyone watched it happen in the background as the reporter was speaking on something else.

Our President talks gas prices. Those running for and in office talk gas prices. In fact everyone seems to talk gas prices?

But, NO ONE ask the right question. Exactly "who" sends the order to raise and or lower gas prices around the World in an instant?

2015 Prices down and now the Feds and States want to raise the Gas Taxes? Then the gas goes up again and pow we get the highest gas prices ever seen. Ask your self why?

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By Robert William Vincent

In the past four years I have written to every major news media and to hundreds of elected U.S. Government Officials asking them to look and see "Who is this mystery man or woman" that sends out the gas price order either up or down. By pennies or nickles and even dimes and more? And, we all have seen it happen!

Who is this individual? Sadly, not one news media nor any Elected Official has ever responded to my letters. Not even a thank you sir, but we do not know. Or we will look into it. Nope! Not one single response in over three years.

WE The PEOPLE are all told gas prices change with the price of oil per barrel. We are told changes in the Middle East change the fear of less oil per barrel so the price goes up again. We are told all these things by elected officials and even our President. All of them are telling the American People a pack of lies! That simple!

Only that hidden person keying into a computer the next change up or down KNOWS WHY. Only they make the decision that effects and affects the entire World. One person controlling the price of gas!

That simple!

It is time we as a United People demand to know the name of this hidden controller. It is time the Voice of the People speaks out and demands exact, prompt and direct answers that control all prices of everything we buy, trade or sell because fuel is needed in each transaction.

Do you know how gasoline is made? Was it so easy that while they made other products from oil that gasoline originally was simply dumped and thrown? Yes it was! That is a fact!

A refinery simply heats raw crude oil to a high temperature into a stack that we all see is very very high. In that stack are collection plates to capture molecules at different temps as they cool and rise.

At one capture point would be diesel. Another gasoline. Another fine clear oil and oil we use for lubricants. Another collects finer airplane fuels. Basically, that is what heating crude oil and sending it into a collection stack does in its simple workings explained.

They do add octane chemicals for higher octane gasoline. Additives they state help keep your engines clean or running better. These are all added after the main crude oil is heated and the molecules collected at different heights and temperature cool downs.

But, does that even have ONE THING TO DO ABOUT GAS PRICES AT THE PUMPS? Absolutely not! But, we are told like sheep seeing the fox that it does. That simple!

Until the mystery person is revealed: They alone control every aspect of our economy and our way of life. Fact not fiction!

Wake up America! Wake up American Voters and demand some straight answers.

We are told summer consumer demand raises the price? But, they never say Winter slowdown lowers the gas prices?

It is suggested the Eastern block controls gas prices? They control crude oil by the barrel allot, but they do not set the at pump gas price. That individual is the hidden mystery.

We are told War changes the price at the pump? Yes! The economical war caused by one person making the choice to set the pump price via the internet. This is the individual we all have a right to know who it is. The media and press sure are not telling us? The President is not telling us? The Congress is not telling us?

Imagine gas price! For easy example let us presume the world uses 100 Billion gallons a day when you consider every country, and airplanes down to scooters. Now lets see: Add a penny at the pump and make $ 1 Billion more. Add 5 cents to the pump price and make $ 5 Billion more a day. Those pennies add up when multiplied by the billions. By the way: 100 billion gallons a day is not very far off to reality?

In the United States for many years the Government has stopped price gouging and price fixing from major companies. But, they do not apply that Law upon the gas companies. Ask yourself why not?

We all remember Ma Bell being broken up. Now all the new phone service companies all backdoor setting prices also. Interesting?

Ask why our Government sends billions of dollars a year to other countries so they can have cheaper gasoline prices? Google worldwide gas prices and learn what is really going on. Then ask yourself why your own Government is hiding the truth?

Gasoline should not be as expensive as they make it out to be. That is the truth behind crude oil production. The hidden truth they do not want you to understand.

Best of luck: Pabear48

The photo is a Trademark cartoon character named "Trouble" and all rights owned by pabear48.

Voice of The People

My fellow Americans

Let your Voice be heard!

Demand answers from the President

He works for you!

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Serve at hot prices that heat the air, and then cool them down with a few pennies lowered.

Cook Time

Prep Time: Not long

Total Time: Until they are revealed

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  • Raw crude by the barrel


  1. Heat the crude very hot.
  2. Capture that gasoline at cheap prices.
  3. Sell high......Control the market..........Serve out as needed.
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  5. Hook well
  6. Make it smell as a desired taste for adventure
  7. Laugh! :)

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