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Best friends. How to recognise them.

Updated on January 21, 2012

Who is your best friend?

How do you recognise a best friend? What makes them stand out from the crowd?

Having a best friend is a truly amazing thing. But how do you realise you've found one?

Here are some of the things that make them 'simply the best! better than all the rest'!

A best frend is like spring showers on a scorching hot day, Like a breath of fresh air when you've been gasping for breath. A best friend is someone you just click with , and cannot explain why, a person that always seems to be on the same page as you. You spend loads of time with them, chatting about nothing and everything.

You bare your soul to each other without shame, They will know you more than you know yourself, They are the ones who can slap sense into your head, when no one else can make you see reason. They tell you the truth even if it hurts, but they tell you in a way that is full of love and respect.

Best friends may not be there forever so treasure your time together!

Like me, i imagine that youv'e had more than one best friend in your life. However, not all of them will remain in your life forever! it could be because you move, school, home or maybe because your priorities change.

Personally, I believe that God sends certain people into our lives for a season, to fufill a role. Once that season is past, you may find that you both move on.

Sometimes moving on does not happen the way we expect,, this can lead to us feelng let down, or betrayed or even abandoned. However, what we fail to do when we look at things in such a negatve light , is to celebrate the good tmes we had together!.

Why do our best friends sometimes let us down?

Sometimes we expect too much of others, or place them on a pedestal. when we do this we we begin to see them as infalliable. We must always allow room for mistakes , and also try to see things from the other persons perspective. Once we lose this objectivity, we are setting ourselves up to fail.

Through the years, I’ve had many different best friends. some who I still meet with now and then, others who i 've lost touch with, and one who sadly, has passed on..

However, Each of them represents a different season in my life.and I look back with the fondest of memories at the times and experiences we shared ! I treasure those times, as I believe they have helped mould me into the woman I am today.

Funnily enough, although most would think that these different people would be the same kind of person, each one is individual and unique. It was probably this uniqueness that drew me to them.

There was V , tall beautiful intelligent, care free! Always ready to have a good laugh, and share. She was so caring that if you wanted, she wouldn’t mind washing your feet!

There was also C! Oh C! full of mischief, cocky, protective, always chuckling with a twinkle in his eye! Together we were invincible against the world! Rest in peace my dear friend! Rest in perfect peace. I really miss you! The thought of you brings tears to my eyes! I thought you would live forever! I never thought that death could you beat!

Then there was P, creative, bold! we were like two peas in a pod! Were did that go? I really do not know! Still we did have a lot of giggles together! Sometimes I wonder, if again we will meet!

There is S, toothy smile, mischievous, tomboy, serious and sensible, too organised! Too tidy!With the voice and heart of an angel! She was probably my first best friend ever! She spent many days hoping to make me neat! and failed woefully ! Although we lost touch, for a while we still ocassonally meet! and when we do we chatter on forever, and eat and eat!

And also N , fiery, feisty, daring, charming, blunt! always up to mischief ! Fun to be with and full of wit!, When we got into trouble , she was not afraid to take the heat! Although we now live on different continents we still manage to meet!

And now my dearest friend V!

Sometimes I wonder ! how can we be so different and yet so alike!

You are full of mischief, wise beyond belief, as innocent as a dove, forthright , formidable, beautiful! I have cried buckets of tears on your shoulder, and you have done the same on mine!. We have shared hurricanes of laughter, clouds of worry, barrels of encouragement and oceans of success. Hopefully we will be friends forever! Now wouldn’t that be a feat!

Are you be a best friend?

If you have attributes I have described above, then you are probably someones 'bestest friend'!

if you have a best friend treasure them, and please remember that they are human, and so will mess up sometimes. on the other hand , as a person try your hardest to be a friend worthy of being called 'My best frend'


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