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Negotiating Love in Globalization

Updated on December 1, 2012

Global Love

Love Across Cultures

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Love in Globalization

For the single person globalization offers new and exciting opportunities to find love. It also requires a certain amount of openness and acceptance which most Americans are not accustom to. For instance I have recently become friends with many Buddhists from the Pacific. Love to them is universal and everyone is inner connected. Making love is considered sacred and divine which is rather different then most Americans approach to sex.

Admittedly, I thought they had a very pluralistic approach to love and sex but that is not the case at all. Now this is only what I have been told but I believe my new friends. One of them is Catholic Asian and he laughs and says it is all the same. The pond of fish has grown considerably and the game of love has just become a million times more sophisticated.

Having said that my new friends all wish to find love, marriage and have children. I don’t ask about monogamy because I feel it is culturally insensitive. While the west needs love the East relies on sex for healing. More interesting is the rituals of tantric love making which expands the process of love making by hours, is considered divine and sacred and is extremely intense.

Although there are many differences there are also many similarities. The single person can negotiate love in globalization if they are open, accepting, loving and not judgmental. But I also believe it is not a bigger pond of fish but a shark tank which is very sophisticated. For me personally, I find the game of love to have just become more intriguing. The possibilities are endless with globalization but I always believe that mutual respect and love is the foundation to any relationship. Open communication between couples is exceptionally important and there are significant hurdles to finding acceptance with an international partner’s parent.

There is also the cultural difference which must be overcome which requires a great deal of communication but is not impossible. For instance I have a Korean American friend whose entire family lives in Korea but one of his parents was American. He lived in Korea for most of his life but married an American. They had to communicate to over come most of their cultural barriers but have been happily married now for over five years. Globalization was actually good for their relationship because he can openly move back and forth through Korea. His family was also Buddhists which is not uncommon in Korea and he converted to Christianity for his wife. They are truly a lovely couple who inspire me to believe Love in Globalization can be successful negotiated. They are inspirational.

Communication and mutual respect was the key to their success. They also had to be open and find a new path to international love.

In Conclusion

Negotiating love in globalization can be difficult but it offers new and exciting opportunities around the world to become so interconnected and enlightened. Lovers of this nature must be slow, gentle and understanding. Acceptance is also an extremely important component. However the pool or the shark tank as I like to refer to it has grown considerably. Single individuals have more opportunities to find love now then ever before. But the game is much more sophisticated.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Miscellanea.

      Look forward to following your work.

      All My Best,


    • miscellanea profile image

      Tarik Aarbaoui 5 years ago from Morocco

      Very interesting how you analyized that :) great hub, thumbs up