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Making Your Relationship Work

Updated on June 20, 2014

Relationship at work

The simple answer to making your relationship work

The art of making a relationship work is a topic which is covered by many persons and specialists through various medium. Advertisements, specialised books, articles are just a few of these medium. The impression given is that there it is a big mystery and there are some highly concealed secret or potion which we need to make our relationships work. This is not so. The secret does not lie in whispered words or sexy lingerie. They are just components and even then only excite in some relationships. The simple tool to making relationships work is an open communication between both partners.

Let’s put this into perspective. When something goes wrong in a relationship our initial instinct is to clear things up. Talk it over and get to the bottom of the problem. Sweet whispers and sexy lingerie go to waste if the problem is not resolved. Using these methods to rectify a problem is like turning a trick. Tricks do not make relationships work. The fact is that if the line of communication is defective then the relationship will die a slow but sure death. Partners need to be open about how they feel, their interest, their likes and dislikes. Talk to each other constantly and openly. Keep it real.

There has to be a certain level of compatibility and common interest between two people for them to form a relationship. When the interest goes out the window then the relationship will follow soon after. The fact is that as we grow we change. A relationship has to be strong enough to accommodate these changes. If this does not happen then we will have the two people growing apart. Sadly sometimes the two people grow so completely apart. In this case only a very strong love and a lot of effort from both partners can keep the relationship going.

It is important for us to realise from early that it is likely that we and our partners can grow apart. Flogging a dead relationship to life can be quite a task. Accommodate this fact by being actively involved in each other’s lives. Keep it alive by doing special things for and to each other. This where the sexy lingerie, sweet whispers and the gift buying comes in handy.

Shower your partner with a lot of attention. Even where both partners are busy ensure you make time to be with each other. Trying to plan a special big vacation together can sometimes take forever to come true. Try instead to spend a couple of intense fun filled hours together a few days for the week. Sometimes the kids have to be shipped off to a sitter or responsible relative to make way for the couples “me time”.

The more you spend time in each other’s company the more you will need to communicate. It is not one partner’s responsibility than it is the other’s to ensure that this works. You are a team. Work together, for each other. Show interests in each other’s work and social life. We have our own friends. Do not take it for granted that it is ok to just make decisions without consulting your partner. We will know our partner and know what matters to them and what we need to consult them about. Sometimes and to some people cutting and colouring the hair matters. Sometimes it does not. The same is true about accepting promotions at work. Be open, be honest and do not take each other for granted and you will find you have the answer to making your relationship work.


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