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10 Best places to go for a first date

Updated on June 4, 2012

Depending on the type of girl, you can select the best place for your first date.

Kindly take into consideration that your goal for the first date is to make the woman happy, or else there will be no more second chances.

1) Coffee Shop

Most women likes to drink coffee, that's a fact. Thats the reason why coffee shop are everywhere and you will see women there. While drinking coffee you can talk to each other. If you choose a coffee bar, be sure that you or your date can start and make conversation or else, it will make your date boring.

2) Park

This is the best place for timid guy, nobody will watch or hear your voice. You can tell the girl what you feel and how happy you are to be with her.

3) Cornice

Cornice is better than park, but it's not always available on different places. You can take a walk there and watch the reflections of light in the night. You can start a conversation just by saying, "look at that, its awesome!"

4) Zoo

This is also a good place, while you are taking a walk, you will see different animals and can make a great conversation about them.

Its also one of the best place to have a picture of her on your mobile.

5) Romantic Restaurant

If you have a budget, you can bring her to a romantic restaurant. Do not forget the flowers and chocolates to make her speechless because of happiness.

6) Concert

Do you know where is the concert of her favorite singer? That's the best place if you knew! You can ask her to watch that concert and while standing with many people,

Its your chance to be closer to her and hold her hands while walking to keep you together.

7) Museum

Are you from different places? Is she fond of antiques and collection materials? This is the best place for her. If you bring her to the museum be ready to answer her questions.

8) Comedy Bar

If she loves humor, This is the place for her. Just be sure to avoid sitting in front or very near the stage so the comedian will not make you as an example or target for comedy.

9) Mall

If the nearest and available place to have a long walk on your place is Mall, then go for it. Women loves shopping or even window shopping. After a long walk you can ask her to have some drinks or snacks.

10) Movie house

Is her favorite actor or actress have a blockbuster movie? You can ask her to watch that movie together, and to show additional respect, you can ask her to bring a friend if she wants.

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