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Ten MORE Top Terrific Reasons for Why you Should Date a Writer

Updated on October 6, 2010

I just completed an article here giving you ten great reasons to date a writer. I’m sure that it’s a really good start to encourage people to consider dating writers (even if they’ve had bad experiences with dating writers in the past). However I can actually think of a lot more reasons than those to consider dating a writer. I just think that writers offer so many benefits to their partners that these are people who need to be celebrated.

For that reason, here are ten more reasons that you might want to date a writer:

1. Writers are wonderfully creative. You might think that this is an obvious statement but it goes beyond what you might first consider when thinking about creativity. You see, creative people are more capable of coming up with creative solutions to the problems that inevitably arise in life than are people who tend to think "inside the box". Dating a writer means that you are give an opportunity to really think about creative solutions to the issues that might arise in your relationship. This puts your relationship with a writer off to a great start that’s ahead of the game in comparison to many other relationships.

2. Writers truly wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sure this depends on the writer but most writers are pretty good at articulating what is going on with them. If they think that you hung the moon, you’ll know it. If they can't stand something that you do, you probably won’t have to guess about it. This can be frustrating when the emotions are negative but it’s the most wonderful thing in the world when they are positive. And even when it’s negative, at least you are really clear about what’s going on. That kind of transparency is good for relationships.

3. Writers will wow you with interesting vocabulary. Writers love words. It can be irritating when they use ten dollar words in normal conversations but it can also be kind of fun to stretch your mind and build your vocabulary simply by being around them. Expect to play lots of Scrabble when dating a writer. Expect to have passages of random stuff read to you. You’ll have a walking trivia book by your side and you’ll be able to have fun with it if you have the right attitude about it.

4. Working writers may have the ability to adjust their schedules for you. Writers who can set their own schedules might be willing to rearrange their time to spend more of it with you. They might be happy to meet you for a long lunch or to spend a luxurious morning in bed with you because they don't need to rush off to work. Don’t expect the writer you’re dating to give up all of his or her time - they have to work regularly to pay their bills just like anyone else - but do know that there are some scheduling perks possible when you date a writer. If you have a flexible or non-conventional schedule yourself then this can be a really terrific thing.

5. Writers are generally able to do their work from any location. This is nice because it means that writers can happily travel with you regardless of the time of year or the place that you want to visit. They may have to take a laptop and spend some time at the hotel while you go sightseeing but you can enjoy much easier vacation planning with a writer than you can with someone who works a 9-5 job. This isn’t just about flexible scheduling; it’s about being given an excuse to travel so much more often throughout the year. A writer might even need to travel for research and then you can just tag along.

6. Writers can find 1000 ways to tell you why they like you. And then they’ll find 1000 more. You’ll be told in many different ways that you are special and loved and wonderful. You won’t be able to get enough of it. And your writer lover won’t be able to come up with enough new ways to tell you it all over and over again. Writers are wordy and they like to express themselves. You can bask in the glow of hearing good things about yourself in ways that you’ve never heard them before. Of course, some writers will also be all too happy to tell you your faults so make sure you date a kind writer!

7. Writers communicate in a myriad of different ways. Most writers are pretty flexible regarding the methods that they are willing to use to communicate. They’ll be just as content to get an email from you or to chat on IM with you as they are to talk on the phone (maybe even more so since the other two methods use some form of writing). This means that however you communicate regularly is probably fine for the writer you’re dating. This makes the whole process of dating a whole lot easier. An easier dating process makes for a more laidback relationship.

8. Writers love to surround themselves with interesting people. Writers tend to have a lot of characters in their lives. If you like meeting interesting people, just plan on being the date that goes along with a writer to different events. You’ll find yourself hobnobbing with other writers, artists and creative types as well as surrounded by many new media and business people. It’s always an interesting bunch. Your life will become more interesting as a result.

9. Writers are easy to buy gifts for. Writers are happy with little things. Most writers like getting books as gifts. Since they aren’t really into the pursuit of money, they aren’t going to be chasing you for the expensive things you'll lavish on them. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil a writer if you want to but you should know that they value thoughtfulness way more than most material things. Write them something sweet; they'll love it.

10. Writers are sexy. There is a good reason that people have fantasies about the school librarian. Regardless of gender, those bookish types are hot hot hot.

Do you date a writer? What's your favorite thing about it?


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  • profile image

    f-writer 7 years ago

    I read an article about how horrible it is to date a writer. I felt horrible because it said we used people to instal them in our work. This made me feel alot better. There are alot of perks to dating a writer. Plus we have the most interesting love life because we are so strange.

  • vrbmft profile image

    Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

    Hey, the blog is great and the comments are also GREAT. Wow! You struck a chord, or is it a paragraph or a sentence or an exclamation point! Wow! Everyone seems to like being seen as SEXY! The next time someone asks me what I do for a living, I'm going to be compelled now to say, "I'm a writer, AND I'm SEXY, HOT." I might even add a lie and say, "I'm a librariann, want to check out my stuff?" Thanks for the HOT blog!

  • Coach Albert profile image

    Coach Albert 7 years ago from San Francisco

    I think you'll be getting a lot of affirmative responses on this one, Kathryn. I guess my newlywed wife would agree, although she did get a little peeved at me for staying up till the wee hours finishing my last hub. Cheers!

    -Coach Albert

  • lovelife999 profile image

    lovelife999 7 years ago

    yes it happens..

  • HubCrafter profile image

    HubCrafter 7 years ago from Arizona

    Hi Kathryn:

    Thanks for putting such a sexy spin on us geeky librarian-types. lol. Here. sorry. Let me just rotate my enormous butt and gut OUT of your way.

    I feel so 007 (in a 2009 kinda way).

    Do you have any uplifting things to say about unwanted body hair?


  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Central Oregon

    Of course we love it - because we understand it~! Audrey

  • Jersey Jess profile image

    Jersey Jess 7 years ago from USA

    I love this, thanks for posting!

  • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

    Anna Marie Bowman 7 years ago from Florida

    I agree!! This one is even better than the first!! Yeah, we can be a little kooky, but we are also wonderful! Thank you for this!

  • dohn121 profile image

    dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    I couldn't skip this one after your first one! We are sexy beasts aren't we??? I think that I like this one more than the other as it delves more the sensitive side of a writer :) Thanks again Kathryn!


  • Shady Lady profile image

    Shady Lady 7 years ago from here and there

    I love this!!!!