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10 Reasons Why You Should Leave Him!

Updated on December 6, 2010

You fall in love and its beautiful. God! Is it BEAUTIFUL! You are desired, wanted, needed, loved by someone you are head-over-heels, inside-out, backside-front in love with. You have a glow on your face, a twinkle in your eyes and a bounce in your step. You feel fulfilled and light and your core is bright. You are a star shining in the sky, the whisper of a heady scent, you are a field full of blossoms. You are solid and liquid all at once. You look around but do not see. You hear all but hardly listen. Nothing can harm you, nothing can shake you, nothing can hurt you while you are a part of that other heart.. Such is the magic, the miracle of true love that your existence is are an ethereal being...

....while it lasts....

Here's where it should end...


He is on Drugs or has a drinking Problem...

Check if he is willing to get help. If he has a history of usage but isn't indulging for the past couple of years then he's worth a shot. If not..Need I say more? Let him go!

He Has a Criminal Record..

Well its your personal choice to make. If the guy has cleaned up his act and doesn't seem to have criminal tendencies, then its alright. But if he currently visits the other side of the bars often...Let him go...

He Lives Off You...

Chronic spongers will find a hundred reasons for living off your salary. The fact is if he doesn't work, and you find him glued to the TV all the time, watching ball, or hanging out with his no-good chums, you should know that it won't improve...Let him go..

He is Narcissistic

Some people are so immersed in their own selves that they have a lifelong affair with themselves. Unless you are prepared to be a martyr, do not continue with him. You'll be stripped off your self worth. This guy is gonna drain your heart without a hiccup! Let him go...

He Doesn't Care...

The most insidious and mighty murderer of a lady's heart is neglect. a man who doesn't show care and concern. Who doesn't appreciate you as a human being. Who doesn't think he's lucky to have you is going to break your heart and your mind. Save yourself...Let him go...

He Cheats on You!

Haven't we heard that a million times already? Do NOT stay with someone who isn't faithful to you! He cheats, is caught, and then he cries and asks you to take him back with a thousand promises and vows to never ever in his entire life repeat the mistake. And then what happens? You take him back and he does what he does - again. There might be exceptions to this, but most men who cheat do so repeatedly. If he has no control over his urges and if other women seem more attractive to his eye than you, then its likely he's not that into you. Or else he's a serial lover! Why live with a lying cheat? Let him go....

He Disapproves of Everything, All The Time!

Overly critical men, who find fault with everything you do or say. And express their dislike over how you dress and walk and talk and think are violating your emotional rights. Frankly ask yourself, would he be so critical if he really respected you? He wants to change everything about you "for your own good". Don't buy that line. Constant disapproval and criticism is part of a pattern. That pattern will go on to include a lot more than you bargained for..Its all about control. His control over you..Let him go...

He Bullies You...

Threats of physical violence, bodily harm to you or your family, pushing, shoving, restraining are all expressions of a violent temper and are constituents of domestic violence. This guy is a definite no-no. Report him, get a restraining order, call your friends and family and inform them. This guy is potentially dangerous. Let him go....

He Harms Himself...

If you see self-inflicted wounds or burns on your guy, know that he might be suffering from a psychiatric condition. Try finding out more. Be cautious. If he hasn't been treated and is averse to mental health professionals...Let him go...

He Hits You...

This is not on. Violence in all forms is shameful and detestable. Nobody deserves a sick relationship. Don't rationalize it. Don't blame yourself. Don't blame his daddy. Talk to your friends and his friends, involve your family and his too, if possible. Arrange for your protection. The best route in this situation is the legal route. It won't be easy to get rid of this one. Just...Let him go..


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