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10 Secrets Beautiful Girls/Handsome Guys Won’t Tell You

Updated on August 28, 2012

Have you ever come across a beautiful girl or a handsome guy and wondered how flawless and perfect their lives would be? When it comes to attractive men and women, people usually go with the misconception that they have everything working for them in the right manner. But have you ever wondered that even a beautiful girl or a handsome man may have secrets that they would like to keep to themselves? Or do they also go through similar anxieties, fears and apprehensions that are experienced by normal human beings? Just because a person is good looking and attractive does not mean that they do not have a closet full of dark secrets. Let us just face the fact: we all have secrets, big or small, significant or insignificant, there are some demons lurking at the back of our minds while we try to put up a civil face for the outside world. This article will let you sneak inside the mind of an attractive man or woman and take a look at their secrets that you never thought they might have.

The Best Kept Secrets of Handsome Guys

Talking about handsome guys who have girls drooling all over them, it is hard to imagine that even they might have some apprehensive secrets which they never let out due to the fear that it might make them look less desirable. But, the reality cannot be ignored. Like all normal men, a good looking guy would also face the following issues:

· Cuddling – Just because a man looks all macho and strong from outside does not mean that he won’t enjoy cuddling up with the woman he desires. In fact, it has now been established that attractive men enjoy cuddling more than their not-so-attractive counterparts.

· Saying the L Word – More often than not, a man will easily blurt out “I Love You” so as to make their partner have sex with them. However, an attractive guy who doesn’t face too much of a problem in getting a sex partner, saying the “L Word” can be difficult for them. They would prefer to show their love through actions rather than saying it out loud.

· Commitment Phobia – Even a good looking guy has his own anxieties and apprehensions about getting attached to someone, regardless of how much they enjoy being with the person.

· Performance Jitters – Just because a man is attractive does not mean that he would act like a ferocious animal in bed. Most of the good looking men do face fears with regards to sexual performance and inadequacy. Instead of talking about this fear with their partner, they will try to avoid sex altogether.

· Wanting to feel desired – Although, a good looking and attractive man is desired by every female around, he would want a woman to make the first move. This is because any first attempts made by him are accompanied by a fear of rejection and he certainly doesn’t want to get rejected.

· Depression – Depression can strike anyone, even the most self confident and macho men. Since, a man is less likely to be open about his sadness; his depression can more likely come out as anger or frustration.

· Suppression of Doubt – Many attractive men are known to suppress their fears and doubts to the extent that they start lying to themselves as well. This can be quite detrimental if the guy is in a relationship.

· Wedding Fears – Just like women, even the most macho of men are bound to feel jittery before the D day. The man will start becoming anxious or distant owing to the fear of commitment.

· Not Open About Their Feelings – Many good looking men stay tight lipped about a range of feelings since they feel that they are the problem solvers and cannot sulk about their inadequacies.

· Need of Intimacy – This is one of the biggest secrets that men, especially good looking men, have. Just like women, even men want their relationship to be full of intimacy.

What Beautiful Girls Will Never Tell You

On the other hand, when it comes to attractive girls, they are bound to have some dark shadows of their own. Although, women are considered to be more upfront about their feelings as compared to men, there are some things that they just won’t let out like:

· Feeling of Being Desired – Regardless of how attractive a woman is, she would still want you to make her feel desirable all the time.

· Love to Masturbate – Despite enjoying the liberty to have any sexual partner; most of the good looking women enjoy masturbation over the actual act.

· Plucking hairs - women, especially the attractive ones, enjoy plucking hairs that make them look ugly, particularly ingrown and stubborn hairs.

· Are Fine with Drunk Kissing – Many women who are in a relationship do not consider drunk kissing as a form of cheating on their partners, provided if they are the ones doing so.

· Cherish Independence – Just like men, even women enjoy their independence. Even though, they might come across as clingy, they really enjoy the time when you are not around.

· Sex Fantasies – Most of the times when an attractive woman is having sex with you, she would most probably be thinking about something or someone other than you.

· Dominate Sexual Activity – The attractive girls more likely want their sexual partners to give them some space so that they can dominate the sexual activity.

· Want to Feel Included – If you are in a relationship with a super hot woman, no matter how self sufficient she appears, she would want you to make her a part of your life, whether it is your family or closest buddies.

· Make her Feel Loved – Regardless of how strong willed and powerful an attractive woman might appear, she has an insatiable pit inside of her that requires unlimited love and care.

· Loves being Praised – A good looking woman knows the kind of effect she has on the opposite sex but when you praise her in public it provides her with an ego boost which she loves.

The Final Verdict

Hence, all in all, regardless of how self sufficient, strong willed and confident a person appears, he/she is bound to have certain weaknesses that are neatly hidden under wraps. And, if only, you are able to uncover those dark secrets, you can have the man or woman of your dreams down on their knees in front of you. So, go ahead, and start pulling down the covers from the mind of that beautiful girl/handsome guy you so badly want!


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