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12 Things Men Would Do More Often If They Understood

Updated on June 9, 2011

This is my reply to an article by stacies29.The title is "12 Things Women Wish Men Did More Often".

Here is the link if you are interested.

Listen To Their Spouses More

We actually do listen to or spouses. However, when the conversation drifts towards reality TV or fashion, we tune out. We don't care who got booted off what show and how it was scandalous. The only scandals we care about are the naked pictures of some celebrity that were just leaked out on the internet.

You want our full attention, you'll have to talk about sports or sex.

Be More Romantic

We are romantic. Not my fault you don't find front row seats at the ball game romantic. We try to be romantic on Valentines day. The chocolates, flowers and card. Granted it's only one day a year, but that's why the Holiday was formed. Everyone knows men aren't romantic unless we want sex.

Clean Up After Yourselves

Some things you just aren't going to change. We pee on the toilet seat and drip on the floor half the time. We aren't programmed to be neat. Unless it's something we adore.

We will dust off the TV and put the remote in the same spot all the time. Our tools are neat and organized. We'll even take a shower if we want sex.

Cook More

Okay I confess, I do a lot of the cooking. I enjoy it and even my wife says I'm better then her. So i guess  I really can't argue this point. However, a lot of men have the idea that burgers and baked beans qualifies as cooking. You sure you want us eating beans?

Compliment Your Woman More

Actually this is a two way street. Maybe if woman compliment us more, we'd return the favor. Of course every time we compliment you the alarms go off and you wonder what we did wrong.

Trust me, just because the compliments don't come doesn't mean we don't love you.

Take Your Woman Out More

We would, but where do you want to go? Shopping. Men don't shop. Half the time we are upset that you are shopping.

Want to go out to dinner? Men want sport bars our rib joints. Women want the romantic dinner. Men don't do romance, see above!

Then again, women know that if we take you out, we want something in return.

Surprise Your Woman More

You have to be kidding! You mean we don't do enough stupid stuff to surprise you already? Don't know how many times I was asked, "What were you thinking you idiot"!There are even times I'm surprised she was surprised. After all it made sense when I thought it out.

The reason we don't surprise you on purpose is because of the accidental surprises. A planned surprise may lead to a heart attack. We can't have you die, we love and need you.

Help With The Kids More

Be glad to help with the kids more. That means more sex. Oh, she means take care of then.

I'll change diapers as long as I have the proper equipment. I need a hazard suit, gas mask, industrial rubber gloves, tongs and a clothes pin for my nose in case the gas mask breaks.

When they are older I'll take them out places. However, please don't get mad if our girl is a tomboy and they all grow up to be like me.  You know, the guy with these twelve flaws.

Be More Understanding

Books have been written about understanding women. Throughout history none of these books have helped. Female brains have been examined to no avail. Woman are a mystery and always will be.

While we are on the subject, let me throw it right back to you. Do you understand us men?

Cuddle After Sex

You know that chemical in turkey that makes you sleepy? Sex produces the same effect. We will cuddle for 30 seconds until we pass out. This one we can't fix without  the aid of science.So you better hope someone is looking into it.

Naturally you want to go round to we will perk up.

Be More Supportive Of Her Wants And Dreams

We are supportive. Before we were married we were the men of your dreams. We let you marry us to fulfill your dreams.  Not my fault you can't recognize a nightmare when you see it. You want to realize you dreams I suggest you do it while we are helping with the kids.

If your dream is to support me and make me a stay at home dad, I'll give you my full support!

Tell Her You Love Her More

Would you rather be told of love or shown love. The guy beating his wife tells her he loves her after every beating. i understand the power of words. However they lose power without the actions to back them up. The words are nice to hear, but you don't need them to know if your man loves you or not.


stacies29 has written a very informative article. My reply isn't to be taken seriously. This is my style. I find things and write funny replies. Well, I try to make them funny. The advice offered in her article should be taken seriously and hopefully it will heal some damaged relationships.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hope we can find a man like this

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 

      7 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      Ha ha - I absolutely love this... I really can relate to this because I believe I have had similiar talks with my husband... or for instance he throws a compliment and I tell hime no - I have a headache... ha ha ha

      I love the humor in this, and while you say it shouldn't be taken seriously, I do think there is some great words of advice in here if you look deeper. Men and women are different. Does that cause problems at times... definately - but it is also what makes the relationships so beautiful!


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