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25 Unwritten Social Rules That Will Give You Better Relationships

Updated on March 28, 2020
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Farrah Young is a research analyst and carries out in-depth research on topics.


Social Etiquettes and Rules...

We all have that one person we came to dislike after only a few meet and that's because they showed some qualities that weren't too pleasant and rubbed us off the wrong way.

There are people that really don't care how they rub off on people and would go about offending one person after the other. Sadly, such people exists everywhere; in our place of work, at home, on the streets and even in the bus.

When you meet them you have the option of either telling them outrighly how their not-too- pleasant behavior makes you feel, or avoiding them completely.

If you also would never want to be lumped in with this type of people, here are 25 unspoken social rules you should know and come to practice:

1. Always Go with an Item When Invited for Dinner

It is considered rude to show up at a place empty-handed when invited for dinner. You should always go with a gift, no matter how small and present this to your host as you're let into their home.

2. Never Open a Person's Gift

This is just rude on so many levels and you could end up offending the person. Unless you're really close to this person and they would have no issue with you opening their gift, you should let them do the opening themselves.


Helpful Social Etiquettes

"A man who wants friends must first of all show himself friendly"

Proverbs 18:24

3. Always Leave Some Food for the Person Who Cooked

If you've ever been in a situation where you cooked and the food was served by your roommate as you stepped out for a few minutes, you'll agree it can be an exasperating experience.

You should always allow the cook have some of the food prepared, no matter how small it is.

4. Do Not Speak in Your Regional Language if You're More Than Two in a Room and the Third Person Can't Understand the Language

Doing so is an indirect way of shutting the third person out and anyone would feel left out if this was done to them.

If you have to speak with this person, you should excuse yourselves to a more private place.

5. Never Offer Someone Else's Child Food without Their Permission

A lot of parents might take offence if you did. You should check with them to be sure its okay before doing so.

6. Treat Everyone You Meet at a Company with Respect

When you enter a company, especially for the first time, you should assume everyone is important and treat them accordingly.

Never talk down at anyone, believing they have a lowly position as they might one day be in a position to decide to your fate.

7. Always Ask for Permission Before Going Through a Person's Phone

People always have sensitive items on their phones which they may not want others to see this.

If someone hands you their phone to see a picture and you feel the urge to view more, check with them to be sure it's okay before doing so.

8. Never Rush a New Friendship

If you're meeting with someone for the first time, never bombard them with texts or emails.

Chances are they will come to see you as a stalker and likely avoid you if you do this.

9. Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

We all have opinions, and unless someone asks for yours you should keep it to yourself.

10. Do Things Quietly When People Around You are Asleep

If people are sleeping around you, then wouldn't be the time to noisily search for things or make a call at the top of your voice.

Doing so would only disrupt their sleep and leave you with unhappy people around you.


More Social Rules...

11. Always Put People's Things Back Where You Saw Them

If people have to search for their things each them you use them, they will get upset and chances are, they will start to hide these things from you.

12. If Someone Offers You a Snack from a Pack, You Should be Polite On How Much of It You Take

No one wants to offer a person a snack to someone who ends up taking it all. Even if you're really hungry, chances are you were offered out of politeness and going ahead to greatly shorten this person's ration will leave them disgruntled and also paint you as a greedy person.

14.Don't Over share with a Stranger

There are stages to every relationship and these are there for our own safety. Even if you feel a strong connection to a stranger, going ahead to over share, especially on personal matters may come back to bite you in the behind.

15. Never Break Up Over the Phone
Doing so just paints you as a douche. Always strive for a face-to-face meet in a public place and tell your partner why you believe the relationship isn't working.

16. Never Redirect a Conversation to Yourself and Your Problems

When people tell you about themselves or their problems, they are trying to share and want someone to listen. Now would not be the time to go into how you have a similar problem and how yours is a much bigger one.

17. Always Offer a Seat to Someone Older or at a Disadvantaged Position

It's good practice to always offer a seat to an older person around you, especially if this person is quite elderly.

You should also offer a seat to a pregnant woman or someone who is slightly disadvantaged.


18. Do Not Fart in a Public Place

No body wants to perceive someone else's fart and you should avoid doing it, even if the room is empty as someone might choose that minute to walk in, causing you untold embarrassment.

19. If Someone Busies Your Call Twice, It Means They are Indisposed

This means they are indisposed and can't talk at the moment. Choosing to keep calling will likely irritate the receiver and paint you in a bad light.

You should keep off calling and wait for them to call back when its convenient to.

20. Never Visit without Calling First

Chances are you will disrupt the person's plans and no one wants that.

21. Never Peek into Someone's Phone as They Chat

You'd be invading the person's privacy by doing so.

22. Maintain Eye Contact When Someone us Talking to You

Lookin someplace else, especially at your phone could pass across the wrong message.

23. Be Truthful about Your Finances When on a Date

Being truthful about your finances might not earn you the 'best date award', but it will save you untold embarrassment.

If you don't have the finance to cover the date, you should find a way to pass this across to your date early before you both end up doing dishes to offset your bills or worse, arrested.

24. Never Brag About Your Finance or Your Looks

No one likes a proud person and this is one of the fastest ways to get into a person's dislike book.

25. Never Try to Upstage the Bride or Groom at a Wedding

And that includes wearing an outfit in a similar colour or design as the bride.

A wedding day is supposed to be the bride's day and if you try to upstage her and succeed, you would have earned not just one but a few unhappy people on your hands for a long, long time.

Some Other Unspoken Social Rules You Should Know

- Never try to force your opinions on others.

- Don't try to force your friendship.

- If you invite a person out never expect them to pay their way.

- Keep the door open for the person behind you.

- Split he cost of fuel or offer to buy it all if you're offered a ride on a long trip.

- Don't try to tell people how they ought to live their lives.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Farrah Young


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