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5 Elements Everyone Should Consider in Finding Their Perfect Match

Updated on September 13, 2014
Dominique Schroijen. (2013). Pinterest: A Perfect Match. Retrieved September 12, 2014 from
Dominique Schroijen. (2013). Pinterest: A Perfect Match. Retrieved September 12, 2014 from | Source

1. Astrology

So what, -you might not be a believer, you don’t have to be. It’s pretty hard to pen or gauge a person based on their astrological sign, since it’s a science of many, based on different cultures, take your typical astrology signs of Capricorn through Aquarius and Chinese astrology, add to that Indian, Egyptian and African astrology as well… Point is, everyone is different… You can even add numerology to the mix to find your perfect number match… It would make very extensive, yet telling research. The focal point here though is personality, compatibility, and negative and positive aspects of their sign. You don’t have to believe everything you read, but look for those qualities in that particular person. Do they exhibit any of the traits you read about? Astrology has always been beneficial to me, in helping me deal with and understand certain others. It can be beneficial to you in the same way…after all, you have to decide if you want to be with this person or not, and if they are worth living with…

2. Background Check

I’m not just talking about prison record or criminal history, but cover all the bases, from credit rating, credit history, marital history, to clubs they are a member of, typical establishments they frequent, etc. By all means, play Nancy Drew or Inspector Gadget. You rather uncover the dirt now, opposed to later, when it may be too late… The best place to start is with their parents…who would know them better? (Well maybe an ex-wife or husband)… You can always get the dirt from their worst enemy.

3. Experience/Age In Real Time

Age is just a number, therefore to uncover their experience level, pay close attention to their maturity level, how they handle certain situations, stressors and problems. What have they accomplished in their life? What are some of their prospective failures and why or how have they failed –did they give up? The more living that they have done, -the better. To couple with an inexperienced virgin of the world may not pan out so well in the end if they seek to sow their wild oats later or haven’t gone through a mid life crisis, whereas you have… It’s best to couple with someone your age in real time/on your experience level –in order to grow together and be a help mate to each other through harsh times, opposed to being at or on different levels in your lives, even though it could work out for some who a) have patience and advice or b)who won’t change in a world that is constantly changing…

4. Habits

Whoever doesn’t gauge this, is in denial, because after the smoke and haze has cleared, you will see your lover as they really and truly are, so if the excessive burping and plumber butt doesn’t get on your nerves now, or her impulsive shopping expeditions, I bet ya’ it will overtime… It may have been cute beforehand, but when those rose colored glasses come off, -good luck. Pay close attention. Ask yourself if this person’s habits are ones you can live with… Otherwise you will have to take it from Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou on this one, “When people show you who they are the first time…believe them.” You can’t change someone who is stuck in their ways or doesn’t admit they have a fault…no matter how hard you try… people change… it’s not always for the best…

5. Likes/Dislikes

It may seem superficial, but it can be all too important to know a person’s likes and dislikes. Let’s face it, if you partner with this person and they are vegan and you are not, don’t complain at the supper table… If this person likes to give tacky and cheap gifts of which you don’t like, maybe you should have made a mental note of it prior to settling with them…. Refer to #4. “Habits” one more time… They seem to go hand in hand, after all, people may dislike their habits, such as smoking for example, but they just can’t quit in most cases….same rules apply… It’s best you all like most of the same things…especially music –when it comes to a long road trip and only one radio…unless you have toleration…

Your perfect match shouldn’t be a mystery…

Which of the 5 elements above do you consider most useful in finding your perfect match?

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    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 

      3 years ago from Rochester, New York

      Astrology is a funny thing. When you read the columns every day you begin to see yourself in them. But if you stop reading for a while you look and they do not seem to apply at all. I say this to say Astrology is a good thing to look at because, if a person IS paying attention to their as-sign-ed behavior (that set of qualities that their sign is supposed to be displaying), then it will be a factor on some subconscious level. If they are an impulsive sign, they may not try to be any less impulsive because they are ___ sign.

      I think a background check is getting more and more of a good idea. But there is still something in my head that says it is too paranoid. Yet I know that probably it isn't. : )

      I relate to experience and age. Both, I find, are very much relative to the troubles a marriage relationship will have. In the case of one person being a sizable age difference causing experience and rational thinking to be varied, a person can find themselves together with issues that they have had battles with and won, only in their partner this battle is only beginning. That can be so frustrating.

      Habits are important because it takes so much effort to change a habit should a person wish to. If smoking is one person's habit, the likelihood is it will always be there, simply because habits die hard. Being aware of such things would be a very smart thing to know to avoid all kinds of pain in a relationship.

      The simple likes/dislikes/preferences, I believe to be the least importance in this list, even though it CAN have such a dramatic effect. One reason I say this is everyone has likes and dislikes and if you are thinking of making a relationship with someone you will have to be grown enough to allow that person their likes, suffering through them yourself for the sake of the bond between you.

      Excellent article. Awesome, informative, thought provoking. Bob. Voted up!!!

    • Elaine Flowers profile image

      Elaine Flowers 

      3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Voted up and interesting. Shared on Twitter

      Habits are huge! A person should strongly consider if the habits of their potential partner are either shared or tolerable because those things you overlook in the beginning will be a nightmare later.

      Good advice!


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