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50 Ways To Say I Love You On Valentine's Day

Updated on August 3, 2012

Valentine's Day is a highly celebrated holiday thousands of arrangements are purchased, roses are given, balloons with sayings from "Will You Be Mine", to "I Love You" are giving every Valentine's day. Many try to do something unique and different just to show someone how much they care marriages are performed more on that day then any other time of the year. Creating 50 Ways to Say I Love You made me realize that it is not how much you spend on someone, it is how you say it I Love You and what it really means.

50. Write a Romantic Poem for him/her

49. Make lunch for him/her place a note inside the sandwich saying "I Love You"

48. If they are into texting send how you feel adding emoticons or special expressions to the text.

47. Fill the bathroom with heart shaped-balloon's, close the door and wait for them to open it.

46. Bake a heart shaped-cookie writing " I Love You" on the top to him/her

45. Get sexy for him/her create a sash expressing how you feel toward them and drape it over yourself.

44. Create little cards of things you would do for them , or would like to do to them. Remember to hold up to your promise.

43. Have a spare set of keys for the vehicle,fill the car with helium filled balloons and when they open it every word you wish to say will come floating out into the sky for the world to see.

42. Make a romantic dinner light candle for two , turn off the cell phones, computers shut down the virtual world for an evening of romance.

41. Go to there work , yes you find a favorite song and sing it yourself to him/her. Who cares if you are out of tune they will love you for it!

40. Give him/her a back-rub with scented lotions and massage oils from head to toe, front to back.

39. Take turns with the responsibilities at home giving him/her a much needed break from the kids, cleaning etc. The boudoir' may be much better if you did.

38. Bubbles baths are wonderful for both him/her purchase some bubble bath , light the candles and set the mood for a relaxing and romantic evening.

37. Place a screen saver on there computer that says, " I Love You" when they first log-in.

36. Set a ringtone on his/her cellphone with a romantic song, for ex: " I Just Called To Say I Love You," by Stevie Wonder. The person on the other end of the phone will be smiling from ear to ear.

36. Learn how to say "I Love You" in a different language, learn the dialect so that is sounds sexy!

35. Writer's are creative use different ways of saying " I Love You." Be unique write it differently, one of hub pages best said it well on her blog Kathryn Vercillo , Thank you!

34. Create a video telling him/her why they are so special giving them clues to what the evening is going to entail and what you have planned.

33. Create a treasure hunt beginning in the early morning until the evening providing them clues/ trinkets that you can afford. Get there office/ facility etc. involved with your plan. They would love to also join in on the excitement and fun.

32. Surprise engagement? Contact the restaurant or place that you will be going to ahead of time, ask them to present the ring on your behalf at an approximate moment. Get down on your knee to him/her and ask them to marry you.

31. Fresh rose petals are a little spendy but if you are on a budget your local craft store should have silk rose petals, sprinkle those across the bed , candlelight and soft music with set the made for this lover's night.

30. Have flowers delivered to his/her work while they are there. Everyone will realize how important they are and maybe then that single person in the office will quit trying to hit on your one and only.

29. Leave a long stem rose next to the nightstand in the bedroom when they are taking a shower or bath or in the kitchen with a note next to it saying, "You are my and only I am so glad that you are a part of my life. "

28. If you live at the beach trace a large heart in the sand expressing what you feel for him/her and sit right below the words in a blanket cuddling each other watching the waves come in. If you cannot do this, do the same thing in the snow or lawn, snow will melt and grass will grow back you will be happy that you did.

27. If you are purchasing pizza have them cut it into a heart-shaped pizza before it is delivered.

26. Get creative design a card created by you and mail it to her the day before Valentine's Day, if necessary ask the post office to make sure it is delivered on Valentine's day.

25. Purchase two t-shirts , fabric paint and write a heartfelt message to each other.

24. Compliment him/her in public tell them how wonderful they look, smell, etc.

23. Purchase a day spa package for him/her giving them time to relax and enjoy life a little.

22. If both of you are avid sports fans purchase 2 tickets for just him/her best seats possible spending the day enjoying a game alone with twenty-thousand people.

21. Create a masquerade ball ask him/her to dress accordingly you purchase the masks and make it a secret love affair evening.

20. Create a romantic getaway tell him/her to pack lightly running away to a bed and breakfast for the weekend, no television, no cellphones, no computers just you and him/her.

19. Serve breakfast to him/her on Valentine's morning they will be wonderfully surprised.

18. If you shower first thing when you wake up write a love message in the steam.

17. Buy a charm bracelet for him/her with 14 unique charms give them to them from the 1st to the 14th day leading to the grand finale on Valentine's day.

16. Everyone loves lingerie purchase the sexiest piece of lingerie you can find for him/her wrap it beautifully in a heart-shaped box with a special message inside.

15. If you are on a limited budget but would like to purchase jewelry try purchasing silver or gold. If you do not have a budget go luxury with platinum. A heart-shaped necklace or a pair of earrings will make the evening shine.

14. Tell a friend how much you love him/her and why.

13. Listen to what him/her has to say pay attention if you need to jot it down , it makes them feel appreciated.

12. Dry his/her hair after there shower , brush and assist with blow drying. Doing something together makes him/her feel special.

11. If he/she tells you something in confidence don't go telling anyone else, you are there best friend and a person must keep a secret.

10. Gentleman chivalry please, " Open the door for her," Ladies, " Open the door from the inside this is quite mannerly and very caring. Who says chivalry is dead? Have a mutual respect for each other.

9. Trust one another's judgement , do not always be so critical of him/her.

8. Allow them to get involved and ask their opinion don't really the eyes but really listen, you may learn something.

7. Pick a movie that both of you can enjoy or allow him/her to pick there own movie and watch it together.

6. Always say " I Love You" before you go to bed, and " I Love You" When You Wake up in the morning."

5. Hold his/her hand in public do not be afraid nor ashamed to show your feelings.

4. Share each others food, feed each other .

3. Blindfold him/her lead them to a destination or place remove the blindfold revealing what you had waiting.

2. Do some serious spooning and just cuddle

1. Not just on Valentine's day but each and everyday remind them how important they are to you.

50 ways to say I love you is not just about gifts, but about thoughts, feelings and emotions toward one another, just as much as a special gift the best gift of all is each other, finding the purpose and truth in the relationship and keeping the flame of passion burning.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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