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7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Wife

Updated on April 12, 2017
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If your sweetheart hasn't been speaking to you lately, maybe she is secretly upset with you. You can't be for sure, but chances are you haven't been given her enough attention or appreciation. You've been so caught up in your own life and affairs-to much time spent with buddies, hobbies or work-that you have completely ignored all the hard work she has been doing. But don't worry, she isn't expecting an extravagant vacation to Paris. She just needs you to acknowledge and appreciate her. No excuses ! Appreciation can be shown in a number of ways.

Give her flowers

Gifts of flower may sound cliché , but like diamonds, flowers are beautiful gifts that a woman will always cherish, especially if the gift comes from their significant other. Don't wait for a holiday or a birthday to give her flowers. Give her flowers on a day when she is not expected them. Such gesture will appear more sincere and sweet. And no, the flowers don't have to be red roses. A decorated bouquet of white or yellow flowers can be wonderful gifts as well. Also, make sure you attach a little card telling her how much you love her.

Write her a poem

You don't have to be a world class poet. Just write down how you love and appreciate her from the depths of your heart. She will respond to the sincerity of your feelings rather than your attempt to compose a perfection poem. After all, it's your thoughts that mean more to her than anything else. You could have easily gotten her a card with somebody else s thoughts, but know you took the time and wrote down your own thoughts about her. She will be impressed that you set aside time to write the poem. Such gesture speaks volumes about your thoughts and feelings for her.

Take Her Out To Dinner

Women love to be wined and dined. It takes them back to a time when you both begin dating. She likes receiving that kind of attention again, especially in public. Take her to an exotic restaurant that she has always wanted to go. Surprise her! Designate a special space in the restaurant just for two. Have the tables decorated with candlelight and flowers. When you give her this type of appreciation, you will add to her repertoire of great romantic memories.

Hold her hands in Public

Holding her hand while in public makes her feel secure. She wants you to show others how much you adore her. If you neglect this, she may feel that you don't want to be with her. So do it, even if you feel uncomfortable. Holding hands will not only help her feel needed and secure, it will also help you(if you are shy) become more sensitive to your emotions as well. Show the world that you love this woman and that you will never let her go. You never no when you will inspire other men to do the same toward their special someone.

Give Her Breakfast In Bed

Waking up to a delicious breakfast that you have prepared will fascinate her. Usually, the roles are reversed. Caution: you might have to practice on your cooking if you can't cook. Grab a good breakfast cook book and practice whenever she is away. The time and effort is well worth it. Many women I have encountered consider the gift of breakfast in bed a deeply romantic, and memorable event. So give her the breakfast that she loves, whether it is bacon, eggs, toast or coffee, bagel and ham. Such gesture will give her a sense of appreciation that will last the whole day through. And if she is a hard boss at work, her employees will probably appreciate you.

Declare a “You Only Day”

That's right! A day for her only! This means all your time and attention will be focused on her alone. Whatever she wants from you, will be your delight. A You Only Day will include all the romantic gestures discussed above and more. On a You Only Day you don't have time for friends, family, work or play unless it involves her. Remember, you are not the decision maker on this day. Your sweetheart calls the shots. Wherever she want to go, you are at her command. What a dynamic way to show her that you appreciate her! You have given up the entire world just for her.

When you consistently show appreciation in the ways discussed above you will go a long ways in keeping your relationship hot throughout the year. However, showing your sweetheart appreciation once a twice a year will keep your marriage or relationship on the edge. A relationship needs communication and acknowledge in order stay strong through stressful times. When a woman feels that she is appreciated , she will more than likely stick by you when the chips are down in your life. However, if she feels insecure and unappreciated all the time, than you will have to most likely endure days of long silences, discontent, fights, arguments or worse.


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