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A Broken Heart Like No Other

Updated on June 5, 2014
One of my art projects I completed.
One of my art projects I completed.

A Broken Heart

Whether its 7 year; 5 years; 4 months; even 3 weeks or 2 hours, of being with someone you love ( or fallen for ). When a unfortunate event transpire, sometimes we can end up with a broken heart. Somethings are out of our control and just meant to happen whether we like it or not. It does not imply we can't overcome the obstacle given to us. Merely except what has happen, learn from it, rise from it, let go of it, and move on.

Love Occurs Randomly

Love comes in many shapes and forms. Love can occur in any place and time. Just like in cheesy movies, love can happen even at first site. From the time you first meet someone, to months or years it takes to know a certain person. Love will always occur in a way, that's is just out of our control. Sometimes this can be scary other times it can be life changing. Nevertheless love will not come simply because you wish it so. Love will come when we least expected.

Broken Hearts

Every body in the world, whether your Mexican, African, Caucasian, Chinese, and ect, will go threw or have been with a broken heart. Even though the pathways we took to get there are different, the end results are the same. A feeling that is unbearable that leads us to believe, we are empty or dead inside ourselves. This feeling can be so unbearable we feel pain even though we aren't physically hurt. Sometimes a broken heart can make us give birth to a strange addiction. Whether its turning to ( drugs, Inflicting wounds to oneself ( like cutting or pinching of the skin ), not eating ( or in most cases over eating ), and some unfortunate cases self-harm to the point of death).

Phoenix Rises

Out of the great fire and ashes, a Phoenix Rises. One of the beautiful quotes I live by. Even though we get our heart's broken, doesn't necessarily mean it need to stay that way. Just as our body's were build to heal themselves. So can we repair our hearts that were damage.

Repairs To The Heart

We can start the repair process by erasing all questions in our brain such as ( What If ?, What could have been ?, Did I ?, Did he/she ?, How come? ) having this type of question lingering in our mind, will only hold us back from moving forward in our strange obstacle called life.

Next, we need to establish what occurred an why. Once's we understand why it happen, and finally succumb to the event that took place. We can begin to remove the splinters that bind us to the afflictions we create for ourselves. Trying to be oblivious to the event that took place, will only lead to more mental suffering, confusion, and stress.

Last, we need to let go of all the dreadful outcomes, that transpired during the unfortunate events, that gave birth to the illness with in our heart. Holding such thoughts will only weigh us down, and cripple what ever chance we may have of obtaining happiness with in our lives.

Ugly Truth

I can describe many methods for someone to heal their broken heart. The ugly truth is, nothing will work, if the person ( doesn't want to or is not ready to ) change their state of being. However, this is very common for most people. Because of what took place in their life. They will subconsciously create and environment that will act as their barrier. This will eventually make them become offensive to anyone trying to help. Left to be alone in a void place that grows deeper with time. Which makes coming out of such a place nearly impossible. In some unfortunate cases, people will try kill themselves, hoping it will lead to some type of freedom.

Most people in this circumstance, want to change but are afraid of the outcome. While others unfortunately only have people around that aren't capable displaying any kind of remorse for them.

How do you handle a broken heart, whether it be a friend or your own?

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Never Forget

To does who have people looking out for them, and does that have nobody. Just be aware of the light at the end of the tunnel. Because at the end of the day it all comes down to you and the choices you make in life. Only you can change the path you walk on. Whether it is for the best or for worst, you will always be the person in control of your state of being.


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