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A Dating Application

Updated on April 7, 2012

apply within

Dating Application




Do you believe in God?

Do you go to church?

Do you have a job?

Do you have any serious medical conditions?

Highest level of education

Do you have your own place or do you live with a relative or a roommate?

Do you own or rent?

Do you have reliable transportation?

Have you ever been married or are you married, if so how many times?

Do you have any children?

Have you ever been convicted of a serious crime?

Are you on parole or probation?

Do you smoke cigarettes or any drugs?

Do you have any addictions including alcohol and/or prescription drugs?

*this application is just an application for a date. If approved other questions will be asked and maybe used to determine whether or not there will be more dates in the future. Caution please read questions carefully and answer to the best of your knowledge and truthfully or penalties may apply and maybe punishable by karma.

Please sign here__________________


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    • vickiturner profile image

      vickiturner 6 years ago

      A great idea. I've been using dating sites for a while...but with little success. I'm sure they could be improved to sort the wheat from the chaf:(