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A Mans How To for Relationships

Updated on April 9, 2010

Understanding Women

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It has been said it is the greatest mystery man has ever faced... even bigger than understanding the universe itself; "the understanding of women!". All joking aside though it is as plain to see as a day-glow yellow sign that men and women are different in more than just a few ways. First off it is a medically sound fact that women's brains function much differently then men's do. Men can only use one half of the frontal hemisphere of the brain at a time. Women can use theirs simultaneously! Men are concentrators while women are multi-taskers, this is evident in my life when my wife tries to list off all her plans and to do lists while holding the baby and watching a television show, I on the other hand am usually sitting there thinking one thing... "What is she talking about?". With all the confusion of a crying baby, the television noise, and her talking all at once my brain is overloaded trying to follow what she is saying. This is usually followed by her seeing the confused look on my face and asking in an annoyed tone, "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" Which of course leaves me feeling totally trapped and frustrated. But that is because I've missed my ques! Here we can learn some simple things to make your woman think you are the man of her dreams and you can still maintain some of your sanity while doing it!

The Keys

Ok guys here we go, it's time to get to know your woman. Women can be confusing in what it is they really want. You think "Hey she knows who I am and she should just accept it!", well that is a real selfish and lame way to think. You want her to accept you for you but you have to be willing to accept that she has needs. I'm not saying roll over and be her little bitch, I'm saying be a real man and try some romance. Remember what it was like when you first met, or try harder when you first meet her.


Women really love it when a man can give her moral and emotional support without giving their advice or opinion. I know we as men when talking seek the opinions and advice of other men but women just want to be heard and comforted.

Sex vs Making Love:

Guys you have to break down at times and just be romantic in the bedroom. This is not the hot and raw porn movie type sex most guys are constantly focused on. This means scented candles, drawing her a bath, making her dinner and then heavy kissing and foreplay. Then make love to her, not the put in the Metalica Black Album and hey I'm a rabbit and your going for the goal slam bam, NO this is slow looking into her eyes romantic while soft music is playing making love.


Your woman may not understand why you don't remember everything she has said to you over the course of your entire relationship, but try to remember important things. Write them down, if in doubt ask her about something you do remember and she will remind you of something else she wants you to remember that is important. It is the use of subtlety and it works.

Doing Things She Likes:

Ok, Romance is important. Taking her to the bar or to the woods to go fishing or hunting is not romantic. Women want to be romanced, romance can be a candle-light dinner. It can be rose petals on the bed with candles. It can be taking her out once a month to a nice restaurant, it can be sending flowers to her work, surprising her with tickets to a play or a romantic get away to the coast. These things are key in resparking romance in your relationship.

Women want a man to be a good provider, be a good listener and communicator, to be understanding and caring, and have good self confidence. Physically they are attracted to you or they wouldn't be with you! Don't doubt that, when you lose self-confidence that is a real turn off. It's the same with jealousy, don't doubt her loyalty to you unless you have total proof otherwise. If a chick is cheating on you then just move on because she already has! If you just do these things your relationship can remain strong and fresh.

Language of a Woman vs Language of a Man

What she is really saying!

  • Don't worry about it we can just do it later. (translation) If you weren't so selfish we could do it now!
  • Do these pants make me look fat? (translation) Tell me I look good!
  • I'm tired (translation) I'm sad.
  • I've got a headache (translation) Please don't ask me for sex.
  • We can watch whatever you want to watch (translation) Be a gentlemen and let me watch what I want to watch.
  • Let's talk! (translation) I want you to listen to me or I want to tell you something and I don't want your advice, I just need you to listen and be there for me.
  • I just want to cuddle. (translation) Hold me and tell me that I'm beautiful.

What he is really saying!

  • Don't worry about it. (translation) Don't worry about it.
  • Do I look good in this? (translation) Do I look good in this?
  • I'm tired. (translation) I'm tired.
  • I've got a headache. (translation) I've got a headache.
  • Do you want to cuddle? (translation) I want to have sex.


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