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A Tribute To Men

Updated on February 26, 2017

A Big Thankyou

I have already written an article thanking women for their support of men’s issues and I thought I would follow up from that and write an article to thank all of the men for their contribution as well. In the present climate with how things are, it is very difficult for men to advocate for men’s issues. There is such hostility against men in western society, that merely talking about men’s issues has attracted violent protest and censorship. Men that advocate for men’s rights, face death threats, harassment, stalking and very public defamation. Some men even risk losing their jobs and putting their future employment prospects in jeopardy.

Despite all of that, these men have persisted in launching, maintaining and developing the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM). That deserves my deepest praise and gratitude. In a time when no one else seems to care, let alone be doing anything about men’s issues, these men are busy advocating for men’s rights. If only our politicians had the same determination and took men’s issues just as seriously! Not to worry, the outdated female vulnerability bubble will burst soon enough. I am extremely thankful for the efforts these men have made in advocating for my rights as a man and the activities they are involved in.


In Australia we call the camaraderie among men mateship. It is mateship that has gotten men through the darkest places on the battlefield, it is mateship that has helped men build nations and it is mateship that will inevitably win the battle for men’s rights. Some people think men are incapable of working together and supporting each other. Our society is littered with examples that contradict that belief. Men have been supporting one another for thousands upon thousands of years. In hunter gatherer societies men would work together on a hunt and little has changed today. Men still work together in battle, sport, business and so much more. Despite what people think, men don’t need a common objective to support or work together as a team. We simply care for our fellow man. Despite all of the attempts to dehumanise men, society has systematically failed to destroy the empathy men feel toward other men.

This might be news to some, but we men can and do socialise with each other purely for friendship and support. Every man usually has a group of mates or guy friends he hangs around with. Yes we do look out for each other and we are concerned for each others wellbeing. In fact the only thing that has stood between some men committing suicide and continuing their lives, have been their male friends. So no, I don’t buy the myth that the only relationship men have with each other is ruthless competition and that they socialise with each other only when there is a common objective.

There are people, mostly misandrist women, that are deeply concerned and distrustful of men getting together in groups. Perhaps that might have something to do with what these women (not all women of course!) get up to in their own social circles. They perpetuate myths such as those described above, to downplay male camaraderie and they make every attempt to divide men against each other. A clear example of this can be seen with their failed attempts to bring down the MHRM. They paint men’s rights activists as misogynists or woman-haters in the eyes of the men in their social circles and use these men’s instinct to protect the vulnerable against them. It is grade A manipulation, hence the abundance of “manginas” in the feminist movement. Of course the majority of men do not fall for this ploy. Despite what many people think, many men are awake up to how women use their vulnerability to manipulate men.

I have news for these women. You will fail. You will fail because men have an immeasurable empathy for each other. We have sacrificed and died for each other on the battlefield because of it. It is a base instinct within us and you can’t kill it. Men have a brotherhood and a male bond with each other. Despite what TV would have us believe, men don't have to be homosexual or bisexual to care for each other (For the record I am heterosexual and am not biphobic or homophobic). This male bond exists among heterosexual men too and is just as strong. Society and the media can try to suppress that bond all they like, but it will always resurface. Men will collectively take back the rights that an out of control feminist movement and misandric society have stripped from them. Misandrist women ignore mateship at their peril. There will come a time when women like this will be judged for what they have done and are doing to society. They will be held to account and justice will be administered.

I would like to offer my deepest thank you and support to the following men that are making a difference for men’s rights and my rights. Many of them have been doing it for a lot longer than me and to a far greater extent. Links to their contributions to men's rights and men's issues, can be reached by clicking on their names below:

Dr. Warren Farrell

Sir Bob Geldof

Tom Golden

Dr. Paul Nathanson

Dr. Miles Groth

Matthew O'Connor

Paul Elam

Dean Esmay

Mike Buchanan

Angry Harry







Victor Zen

JohnTheOther (aka John Hembling)



Man Woman And Myth

Tom Martin

Terrence Popp

Stefan Molyneux



Jonathan Taylor

The Amazing Atheist

Andy Man

AstroKid NJ


Tom Leykis


Raging Golden Eagle

Equality For Women And Men








Dr. James Brown

Please keep up the good work. The wool that has been put over everyones eyes is starting to slip away. I apologise for those I have not named. These are just the men I know of. There are too many male men’s right activists for me to name all of them. My sincerest thank you nonetheless!

From The Men's Rights Movement To The Men's Human Rights Movement

Just a quick word on the name change from the MRM (Men’s Rights Movement) to the MHRM. I am certainly for the name change. The reason being that our society has been proactively engaged in dehumanising men for over four decades and arguably a lot longer than that. It is an important step for men’s rights activists to reclaim the essence of human dignity for men. The name change assists in doing that. It forces people to re-evaluate men as human beings and not human doings. All too often we men are portrayed as monsters and subhuman deviants. We hurt, bleed, love and cry just like women. We have the right to be treated and regarded as the human beings that we are. We are worthy of the compassion, respect and love that is shown to any human being or woman.

I know not everyone agrees with the name change, but frankly I don't care what men's rights groups call the movement. The only thing that matters is that they continue to advocate for men's rights. MRM or MHRM, it is all the same to me.

My Own Position And Personal Motives

As for myself, I believe in the rights and equality of men and women. I support men’s rights and women’s rights. I am a masculist and what I like to call an authentic feminist (See my Hub Profile for an explanation of what I mean by that. That distinguishes me from the bigots and hypocrites who have stolen mainstream feminism from society and made it misandric). Hence the name “Masculistfeminist”. Above all I am a humanist. I don’t believe we can ignore the inequalities that face either gender. Sometimes that means treating each genders issues as separate concerns and at other times that means dealing with the same issue on a united front. In both instances I am in favour of cooperation between the genders, not pointless and destructive conflict.

My primary mission on HubPages has and always will be to advocate for men’s rights and educate others on men’s issues. Why? I hold that unlike women’s issues and women’s rights, men’s issues and men’s rights have been and continue to be ignored. I wish to help correct that major imbalance, hence my position. The other reason is because I am being discriminated against in society for being male and this discrimination is directly impacting the plans I have for my own life (and not in a good way). I am personally very hesitant as a young man, to start a family or get married. I know that there is reasonable chance I could be exploited if I choose to do those things. With how the system is set up, I simply cannot and will not take the risk of jeopardising my own future or my potential child’s future. I do not wish to take the gamble of being alienated from my own children’s lives and be locked into child support for children I will never see. I am not alone. There are many generation Y men like me that won’t touch family life or marriage with a ten foot pole! With the divorce rate sky high, why take such an enormous risk? We have seen what happened to the older generation of men when we were boys and we have learned what is in store for us. The law, media, politics and society offer me no protection and are biased against me simply because I am a male.

Enough, is enough!


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