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A Tribute To Women

Updated on February 26, 2017

Whilst the men’s rights movement addresses men’s issues, it is not without strong female support. I wanted to dedicate an article to the women that I have found that have actively supported men’s rights (or men's issues), to express my gratitude. I hold such women in high regard and wanted to draw public attention to their contribution and identify them. Any individual or group that stands up for the needs of another individual or group has not only won my respect, but earned my admiration. It is women like the following listed later in this article and the many women in my personal life, that constantly remind me of the love and respect most women have for men. They remind me that the bond between men and women is simply too strong for hate movements such as radical feminism to break.

I am thankful every day that our world has women like this. Whilst I support and highly respect the male contributors to men’s rights, the women that support us have a special place in my heart. I am sure men in the men’s rights movement can understand why I am giving such praise specifically to these women. What makes their contribution so special, is that they are standing up for a group of people to which they do not belong. But it is more than that. These women are showing people that men’s right’s is an issue for both genders and are helping prevent a pointless gender war. Perhaps above all, these women provide men with a sense of hope and optimism toward the opposite gender. It shows men that women in the public domain care about them, love them and do not simply regard them as an object worthy of financial (or other) exploitation. Unfortunately for two decades a minority of female bigots have been given the bulk of media, public attention and funding. Now noble women are helping correct that imbalance and speaking for the female majority that love men.

I wanted to write this article to show these women that men have noticed what they have done (and are doing) and are extremely thankful for it. We fully support you and you are not alone. You are helping move the advocacy of gender equality beyond divisive gender warfare by standing up for the rights of the opposite sex. I look forward to a time when we see feminism and masculism as one in the same. We care deeply for each other. That is something worth fighting for and something we can build a better future on.

On A Voice For Men there is a frequent critical appraisal of feminist bigots and their hateful commentary and conduct toward men. Whilst I accept and condone that we must rightfully hold such women to account (especially when the law and society often does not), I also think it is important that we recognise the women that are supporting and protecting men. A Voice For Men does do this. However I still feel that these women need far more support and attention than they are getting from society at large. Being a supporter of men’s rights does not mean a woman cannot respect women and support women’s rights. I have always felt that the close relationship that women and men have shared for thousands of years, means that men and women’s rights are actually one in the same thing.

So without further delay, may I publicly express my gratitude, respect and admiration for the following women who have supported men’s right’s. Some are directly involved in the men’s rights movement and others are not. It does not matter to me either way. They have contributed in their own way. I will add to this list periodically as I find more and more women. Thank you so much and please keep it up. I have linked each person’s name to their respective page or the link demonstrating their contribution to men's rights (A few from HubPages of course!). Women are not just supporting men’s rights, they are helping lead the way! My deepest respect and gratitude to (listed in no particular order):

Karen Straughan (aka Girlwriteswhat)

Alison Tieman (aka TyphonBlue and Genderattic)

Prof. Christina Hoff Summers

Cathy Young

Dr. Helen Smith

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

Prof. Janice Fiamengo

Prof. Katherine Young

Senator Anne Cools

Erin Pizzey

Barbara Kay

Suzanne McCarley


Della Burton


Diana Davison

Janet Bloomfield


Sarah Elizabeth Ball (sbfreelance)

Amber Maccione (Ambercita04)

Emily Zeinert

Suzanne Venker

Kelly Mac

Lauren Southern

Aimee C Nicholls



Hannah Wallen

I have also found this YouTube channel-Women Against Feminism and the Tumblr hashtag #womenagainstfeminism, useful in demonstrating to others the abundance of women against radical feminism (which unfortunately has been allowed to disgracefully hijack most feminist organisations) and misandry. There are too many women to name here on this site individually. However I wanted to again express my deepest gratitude to these women for expressing their views and I hope people watch their videos.

If people find more women like those above, please send me a message or post them in the comments section. I will look at their work and add them accordingly. I agree with what most of these women have written or spoken about. On the rare occasion that we disagree, it is generally of a superficial or semantic nature. Their underlying value systems appear sound and fair, which is all that matters to me. A major difference between myself and radical feminists is that I tolerate difference of opinion. I will not ostracise women that truly respect men but merely disagree with me on a particular matter (often on a superficial level of both of our beliefs or thinking). Anyway I agree with them 95% of the time and I am not always right! There are some brilliant thinkers in the list above. I really hope I can help these women get more attention on HubPages, YouTube, in our media and public domains. The man haters get way too much attention and publicity in our society. Men and women must vote with their feet and deny them an audience.


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  • sbfreelance profile image

    Sarah Elizabeth Ball 5 years ago from Lethbridge, Alberta

    Thank you, sincerely.

  • ambercita04 profile image

    Amber 5 years ago from Winter Park

    Thank you so much for the recognition!