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Afrointroduction - Meet African Singles Online

Updated on November 10, 2010

If you're looking for a partner of African descent then the best online dating site is considered to be Afrointroduction. Here's what I like about Afrointroduction, and why it's considered to be one of the better online dating sites available.

First of all, the thing to remember with Afrointroduction and all the other Cupid Media owned niche dating sites is that:

  • Not all of the members are actually in living in Africa.
  • Not all of the members are of African descent.
  • Not all of the site's members will be looking for a marriage partner - some might just be looking for penpals and people to chat to.

When you set up your Afrointroduction profile it's a good idea to specify what you are looking for. If you specifically want a wife, then make that clear in your profile, otherwise you might get bombarded with contacts from people looking for short term relationships or people just wanting to find penpals.

Why Afrointroduction is the best African dating site

Dating sites are generally free to join. In their effort to attract members they often make it quite difficult for you to find out how much they cost. You'll be pleased to know that Afrointroduction has a flat rate charging model with a monthly or annual payment fee option. As with other dating sites you only really need to pay if you want to contact other members. Generally this means that men usually need to pay whereas the most beautiful ladies can just wait for eligible bachelors to contact them.

The good thing about Afrointroduction is that it has thousands of members, so you won't find it too difficult to find loads of potential partners. The membership is very diverse - the members are black, mixed race or white. African members come from a range of African countries including Senegal, Mali, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. There are also members from European countries including France and the UK. African Americans are also well represented. There are also a few members from Caribbean countries such as Jamaica.

Afrointroductions has male and female members from a wide range of countries
Afrointroductions has male and female members from a wide range of countries

Signing up with Afrointroduction

Afrointroduction is free to sign up to. It's really easy to sign up and have a look at the profiles of the site's members.

The nice thing about Afrointroduction is that they allow you to fill in your online dating profile gradually so they begin with basic questions and you can leave the lifestyle questions till later. The more information you give the better potential matches you'll be shown.

The site looks nice and secure as they ask for photo identifcation of their members. Obviously you always need to take care with online dating. Remember that African countries (particularly Nigeria) are known for the number of Internet scams originating there.

Afrointroduction has some great search facilities, and they are way ahead of other smaller dating sites in this respect. What I also like about Afrointroduction is that you can quickly compare your profile with a specific match to see if you have enough things in common. Possible conflicts are identified, such as the potential partner being a smoker and you not wanting to find somebody who smokes. This is great because you can assess if something might be a showstopper, or whether you could overlook one or two contentious areas.

Afrointroduction isn't without problems. Their email validation checking didn't like my main email address, so I had to use another email address. What also irritates me is that they have a huge number of niche dating sites, but if you want to sign up to both Afrointroduction and Asianeuro you have to sign up to each dating site separately.

I also don't like the fact that you can only upload closeup photos of your face - men like to check out the rest of the lady's body you know!

Dating Timewasters

One problem with sites such as Afrointroduction and others is that because it's free to sign up to there are a load of timewasters on the site. I guess dating sites are also probably full of people who have had a row with their partners so they sign up to a dating site to see if there is a better option available.

One thing I've noticed with Afrointroduction and other dating sites is that they boost the search rankings of profiles for people who log into the site more frequently. I guess this shows that they're pretty serious about finding a partner. Another good thing to check is that a person has verified their identity, and also uploaded at least two photos of themselves.

Sadly even this can't get around the fact that there are so many timewasters on dating sites. I feel that finding a partner is a full time job in itself on these sites! An alternative is to use an introduction agency - there won't be so many potential partners to choose from, but a reputable introduction agency will weed out many of the unsuitable people. Sadly unsuitable potential partners and timewasters can cause you just as much anguish as scammers can.

Afrointroduction - in summary

So Afrointroduction is a top notch dating site for finding your perfect match. If you're a single guy or lady looking for love, then give this site a go.


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