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All We Did Was Talk Talk

Updated on April 20, 2013

All We Do Is Talk, Talk <-- video link

Trapped me at the bottom

of a metal well -

whose sides are a burning hell

Where words echo like a ringing bell

while I'm caged inside a prisoner's cell

But words mean nothing more than -

talk, talk.

And I can’t hope to make an escape

Not from this pathetic place

No way anything can erase

All the words you said...

and said again and again.

And where exactly is the escape?

Where do the elusive answers lie?

Salvation in that last goodbye

Saves us all from the need to try...

And now I find finally at last

I think I can bury the past

Heal myself for a brighter day

The one that never would come my way....

If anyone comes back to that living hell

and feels the need to break the spell

You're really going to have to shout

I'm gone - found my way out

Ready to see what this life's about.

You're looking down into

nothing now;

nothing but an empty hole -

one that has lost a soul.

It's funny that I didn’t even have to run

Just no more talking – all the talking's done.

You might find me talking to the sun -

For me, I don't want to talk talk.

Cause all we did was talk talk.

Now, I don't even want to listen.


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