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An In-Built Evacuate Button for Women

Updated on January 7, 2017

In this beautiful world, there lies some deep-rooted evil which constantly haunts women. A woman, feels unsafe. We cannot go out on a lonely road after 8 o clock or even before that and the reason being we could get harassed or assaulted by men. What’s wrong with the overall scenario of the place we live in? Even if we want to love this beautiful place, we can’t.

We all are human beings, we all have the right to do whatever that comes into our minds, but we can’t. As a woman, when I see such brutal acts like rapes, assaults, acid attacks and what not happening in the society I live in, a shivering sensation rush through my entire body. I feel totally shattered hearing about such things happening for no reason and I can understand what the victim must have gone through at that particular time and if she survived then what she must be feeling after that. Those reverberations of the victim force me to think about the in-built evacuate button that I suggest god to offer every woman present on the globe.

If a woman ever faces a dangerous situation which she is unable to get out of, this evacuate button will have a role there to safeguard her. If anybody tries to touch her inappropriately without her permission, this button should get activated and the woman should automatically get the powers to use this button immediately and evacuate from that situation. This is probably the only solution a woman could ask for to get out of that indescribable situation that many innocent women have faced and have even died facing.

I feel sad, half-hearted when I think about the reality and the paraphernalia happening around me. The idea of this ingenious in-built evacuate button for women came from within my heart, the heart that standstills and feels completely helpless when I hear about such brutal, inhuman crimes.


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