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Anniversary Date

Updated on February 7, 2011

She walked into the room. In a tight fitting dress she showcased her new body after enduring weeks of diets and exercise, just for this one night. The dress was as if it had been painted upon her form that rivaled all imagination as she clearly could turn the heads of many men and women for that matter. Earlier she spent hours at a spa, nail salon, hair stylist even visiting a tanning facility to even out her skin tone just so as not to wear too much makeup. This was her moment to feel like the Queen of the world.

He walked by her side dressed as if he was about to meet the President of the United States. A pressed and clean tailored suit covered his once masculine body. A body at one time drove women to their knees for a chance in being carried off for a night of passion and romance. As his riches were to ensure that breakfast the next morning would include a view of the Eiffel Tower from their balcony window.

They were a couple commanding the room as all eyes were upon them as if they were gods. They were not out classed and definitely were entitled to a better audience than those in their presents. But never the less this was their night to rule. For after years of being together this was the one night, every year to celebrate the bonding of their relationship that no one could ever take away. A ruby anniversary.

As they stopped at a counter to converse with the attendant on duty who quickly took their order and after payment proceeded to a booth to enjoy their banquet dinner at this local fast food restaurant. A couple who first encounter each other at this very place with just enough money for a small meal on a cold night. When neither one knew what the future held for each of them but were guided to meet at this one spot.

He had lost his job to a downsizing economy with plans to move to another city to find work but not before having what could be his last meal for a while. Saving money was never his strong point and now he realized it was killing him before he could feel the death blow. She ran away from home due to one too many drunken encounters with her father who wanted to make an example of her womanly features had entered his life as a truckers dropped her off to pick up someone else more willing to please.

She sat alone drinking a cup of coffee looking terrified as if her past was hunting her down. He asked if she was OK in trying to figure her out and to hear her story. There was nothing he could do to help her but wanted to feel that someone was worse off than what he was feeling at this moment. Two hours later they were still talking as the place was closing up for the night. He was spending the night in his car at a rest area miles from there. She thought she would sleep in a park or behind a dumpster for the night in hopes of not being seen. But as they continued their talk in the parking lot something was becoming clear.

The night air was cooling down quickly as they talked through the night in the comforts of his car. Awaking in the morning holding each other’s hand in a bond they still carry to this day. With no money or place to stay they began to build a life together. Finding a job at a local grocery store they lived in his car for a while until he could rent a spare room for them to share. Eventually he became the store manager as she was the assistant manager at the department store next door. In time they saved enough money for the next stage of their life together.

They had a simple wedding with a few friends on hand but the party afterwards was attended by everyone they worked with. Within a year he was asked to work on the town board eventually holding the position of Mayor for three terms until a heart attack forced him to an early retirement. She stood by him the entire time encouraging him on through his terms in public office as with his recovery from surgery and returning an active life.

She handled all the money they had earned over the years to where they could retire comfortably but also she had been investing some of their money into the stock market. They had built up their world together from just a simple meal with everything they owned in the truck of a car to living in a huge house with many cars and millions of dollars. Separate they were dying but together they started to live. As the evening continued on for this couple celebrating their time together, many of their friends showed up with gifts and stories to tell. For it wasn’t the anniversary of their wedding day that was being celebrated but rather the 40th anniversary of the first time they met.


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