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Control Has No Place In Love.

Updated on May 28, 2013

Controlling someone else in a romantic relationship is very unhealthy for both, especially the one of whom it's being directed towards. Most people don't like to be told what to do, or to be obsessively watched, untrusted, or being called too often. If you are entering into a relationship or want to mend one you're in, and you feel you are too controlling, this is a good article for you!

Obsession or control over someone will deteriorate the relationship over time. The following are some thoughts I have about relationships. Thanks for reading! Happy loving!


They say a little jealousy is good in romantic relationships

It seems to keep things healthy and well fit

But what is this?

An obsessive kiss?

Don't follow me and watch me

Not trusting me

Obsessing over me

If it's not meant to be

Well then it won't be

But if you can put your trust in me eventually

Proving you love me unconditionally

I will love you back

And that's a fact!

When I don't talk or go for a walk

I might be needing my space and privacy!


I know when you lie to me

In your eyes it I can see

I can catch you in these lies

And it's lies I despise

The union of love can be so powerful

And brings such peace to our souls

Don't force it...

Kindness and gentleness

A long and lingering kiss

Enfolding me in a warm embrace

Oh so loving and the opposite of insecure

I will love you forevermore!


How to have a long lasting relationship by Cagsil

Jealous Lovers: Domestic Violence and Abuse by toknowinfo

What causes jealousy in a loving relationship? by stricklydating

I know a bit about jealousy in relationships because my ex boyfriend used to use it on me occasionally in a very light manner by saying a woman was beautiful and it made me a little jealous which reminded me of my feelings for him. I guess that's okay. But it can get out of hand when someone doesn't trust you and calls you way too often or peeks into your private life. I know it can be tempting for anyone to read an open diary or things like that, but I think developing a trust is essential. This takes time though and is well worth it, wouldn't you think?

Sting is famous for the stalker song "Every breath you take" which he wrote after separating from his first wife.
Sting is famous for the stalker song "Every breath you take" which he wrote after separating from his first wife. | Source
Jealousy is definitely an ugly trait!
Jealousy is definitely an ugly trait! | Source

Sting wrote the song Every Breath You Take after separating from his first wife, Frances Tomelty.

In a 1983 interview with the New Musical Express, Sting explained: "I think it's a nasty little song, really rather evil. It's about jealousy and surveillance and ownership." Regarding the common misinterpretation of the song, he added: "I think the ambiguity is intrinsic in the song however you treat it because the words are so sadistic. On one level, it's a nice long song with the classic relative minor chords, and underneath there's this distasteful character talking about watching every move. I enjoy that ambiguity.

Perhaps Sting exaggerated when he wrote this song, but it definitely was a huge hit that it won Grammys in 1984 for Song Of The Year and Best Pop Performance By Duo Or Group With Vocal.

It's got an incredible beat to it!

Thanks for your input!

How have you experienced jealousy?

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