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Are Women and Pharmaceutical Companies Killing the Idea of a Happy Relationship?

Updated on December 5, 2014

Generation ?

Maybe I am a part of a generation that missed the super feminist movement. I guess you’d say I’m somewhere in-between. I believe in equality, but that means equality for both parts of a couple and relationship, not just the women. A recent article has outlines the horrible impact that women have on men, showing how many men have completely given up on marriage, monogamy, and women altogether. But where in there are the women who have respect for their men, the women who love and cherish their marriage?

I suppose it is all fair, considering how much women tend to bash men, but still don’t mind taking in their alimony checks each month. Apparently in France, even if your wife has committed adultery, the men are held responsible to care for and pay for the children born during their marriage. Do I think that is fair or balanced? Absolutely not…In fact, that sounds quite a bit sexist and absurd that this is how the judicial system works in other countries. If a man should choose to have a family with a woman who has children that are not his, this is something that should be a choice, something that each party agrees upon, certainly not something that is forced upon him by the governing courts.

What Little I know About Life and Equality in Love

I honestly am not certain which side of the fence I agree with on this topic. I suppose that is one of the problems outlined here, that women don't know what they want. However, I can say for certain that inequality on either side of the fence seems pretty behind the times. Also, that the whole feminazi thing only makes women look bad.

As far as relationships go, I do know a few things for certain. I know that I love and respect the man that I’ve married and partnered up with, I don’t expect any more from him than I think he expects of me, and I like to believe that we have a pretty equal relationship. I may not know what kind of shoes I want to wear to dinner or even where I want to have dinner, but I do know who I want to have dinner with.

There may be things in life that seem to require more investigation and research than others. I am no plumber, nor am I a handy man, but at the same time I don’t expect to receive an article along with my receipt from the plumber…This is getting a bit off topic, the point is that the idea that the possibility of a happy relationship or marriage, in general, is not a possibility at all is quite scary and, honestly, depressing.

Some may find a lack of respect in my lack of opinion. However, there is an opinion in here. I'm sure there will be a followup article, as well, once I've thought this through some more. Obviously I've been oblivious to something that is a serious issue...Then again, I live pretty much an oblivious and slightly secluded life. Is this a good stance for an argument? No. I'm aware of that. It just seems that there is something horribly, terribly wrong with the idea that men are afraid to have a relationship because of the aforementioned reasons. (Aforementioned in the Sexodus article, of which there is a link to a few paragraphs down)

The women who are “schooled in victimhood,” are possibly undeserving? I end that with a question mark, because this leaves me thinking that perhaps this is why I don’t have but really one female friend.

ADHD & Gender

Medicinal Influences on Gender Equality or Treatment

The notion that boys and men are given medications for ADHD and women aren’t, in an effort to shut them up is possibly a truth, however, girls and women are given the same medications, but typically for different reasons. According to a publication by Dr David Muzina, MD, REPORT: Turning Attention to ADHD, the study shown exhibits that, yes, more boys are prescribed these medications than girls, but this is not a decision left up to the feminist population. The decision to put children on medications or not to is truly up to the parents of said boy or girl.

Yes, this is a study that has been published by a prescription company, which could possibly have a bias interest in the topic, however, the article referenced in Sexodus Part 1: The Men Giving Up On Women And Checking Out Of Society, was a publication by Esquire, a mens magazine. To keep the playing field fair, I have avoided women's publications and things that would appear to be bias.

Another article written by Henne Jakobsen, Girls are given less ADHD medication, shows that in a Nordic study, boys are, in fact given more prescriptions for ADHD medications, but this levels off with age. Honestly, I have never really thought that far into any of this, but it seems to have had a rather profound impact on men, and to be completely truthful, it bothers me quite a bit that the idea of being grouped into a society of women who are ungrateful for what they have, enough so to cause this type of division between the two sexes that the idea of a relationship at all is considered to be a complete waste of time. I admittedly am a 30 year old woman who has taken Ritalin and now Adderall off and on for the past six years. I suppose that places me right in the statistical age range for a female on this medication.

My Rambling and Slightly Confused Conclusion

So this brings me to a point where I am asking myself what is the point of this article? It does sound rather defensive, and while I am not really ever very defensive in matters dealing with politics, general opinions, or any of this kind of stuff, I feel that it is important for the men who feel that they have to resort to protected sex with strangers, or replacing a meaningful relationship with video games and masturbating, to know that not all women are venomous trained victims, or crazy feminazis out to destroy.

Now, I don’t proclaim to be holier than thou or without faults, we all have faults. Faults are ultimately what you love someone for, you like them for their positive traits, and love them for being who they are. I don’t defend nor rebut feminism, I like to make dinner, do the laundry and work all in the same day. This may not make complete sense… the article, I mean…Honestly, it was written in a very short amount of time, and yes, it is in response to the recent British article that fails to show the statistical analysis for Britain or the UK, which is not surprising since this data is quite well hidden. I’ve avoided the Guardian as a reference, just FYI. What I was able to find reports the high numbers of both boys and girls prescribed ADHD medication in the UK, but also reports, “How many children are being prescribed the drug is difficult to quantify from official data. Munt said: “Unless the Department of Health collects vital statistical data about prescribing habits, no one will know what is happening.’

Not that I have not gone country jumping in this article, and any responses are welcomed, as I have stated, I am a bit perplexed by the whole idea shared in the Sexodus Article. I am sure that this could have been more well written, truly, I want to go watch a movie with my husband, it just seemed important to write, so I did. Again, I somehow have wound up in an apparently heated topic, without too much of a vocalized opinion, but I know when something seems wrong, and that just can’t stand without someone saying something. Be it right or wrong, this is my rambling opinion. The End.

The Male/Female Dynamic

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