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Are friends better than boyfriends? Reasons why your best friend is more important than your new boyfriend

Updated on November 28, 2013

Are friends better than boyfriends? Friends and lovers, both have their own places in a girl's life but sometimes friendship is more important than a guy you have just started dating. From funny reasons that talk about push-up bras and food cravings to heartbreaking ones like cheating and flirting, this post discusses benefits of the highly underrated presence of your best friend in your life – don't let her slip away.

The chemistry of your friendship is never based on how you wear your bra.
The chemistry of your friendship is never based on how you wear your bra. | Source

1) You don't have to wear push-up bras to impress your friend

From bullet bras to wonderbra to push-up bras – women's underwear fashion has morphed over the decades to be in-sync with popular culture's notion of sexy. Men's fixation with breasts will never cease which is why women will need to keep up with changing trends when it comes to bras.

Whether you are going to wear a strapless black dress or a lovely summery top, a push-up bra is likely to be a staple when it comes to impressing your guy. None of this nonsense is applicable in your relationship with your best friend. She is more concerned about how much fun the both of you have together and less about how your cleavage looks.

2) Friends can't cheat on you by sleeping with another girl

One of the biggest reasons why friends are better than boyfriends is that they can never cheat on you by sleeping with another girl. The heartbreak of being the other woman is a girl's worst nightmare and that is the last thing you need to worry about when it comes to your best friend.

Even friendships go sour when friends cheat on each other by telling lies and blurting out each others' secrets. But most of that is less painful than the crushing pain of finding out that your boyfriend has slept with someone else.

3) Friends won't be turned off if you haven't shaved or waxed

Body hair is an icky part when it comes to impressing the guys. From shaving your legs to thinning eyebrows before a date – a lot needs to done so that the new guy you are dating doesn't get turned off.

This is never a concern if your best friend is coming over for a sleepover. She knows all too well how it is when you just can't be bothered.

Having a sleepover with your bestie doesn't involve climbing on trees and sneaking in through the window.
Having a sleepover with your bestie doesn't involve climbing on trees and sneaking in through the window.

4) Friends can have a sleepover without a problem

This applies only if you are still living with your parents. And if you are, you will know all too well the issues with having your boyfriend over to your house for just a few hours, let alone a sleepover.

This will never be a problem with your best friend. You can call her over any time you are feeling low.

5) Best friends will never get irritated if you take too long to get ready for a night out

Getting ready for a party is something that your best friend will do with you together. The hour or two spent in front of the mirror will probably be as exciting as the party itself. Giggling over quirky jewelry pieces and walking across the room modeling new outfits become priceless memories.

Your boyfriend on the other hand, will sit outside in his car honking away in frustration. He will get really annoyed at the fact that you took a whole hour to get dressed. Men will never understand this little pleasure of life.

6) You are never nervous about meeting your friend's parents

Meeting your boyfriend's parents is more of a nerve-wracking task than an enjoyable social do. From worrying about what to wear to fretting about questions thrown towards you like bullets, there is always a lot of pressure when it comes to impressing his family.

This is never the case with your best friend. Most of the times, your friend's parents will actually be glad to have you over. Even if your bestie's folks don't like you, it's not that you care anyways.

Going shopping? Your friends will love to tag along.
Going shopping? Your friends will love to tag along.

7) Your best friend will love to go shopping with you

Pick up the phone and tell your bestie that you want her to tag along while you go shopping, she will probably reach the mall before you. Try the same thing with your boyfriend and he will probably have ten excuses lined up.

Guys typically are not too fond of spending the day shopping, trying out new stuff and walking from shop to shop until your feet are sore.

8) You never need to doubt your best friend's presence in your life

Best friends are better than boyfriends because their presence in your life is never doubted unless something goes wrong. But a boyfriend's presence begins to be questioned after any relationship reaches a certain point. After dating long enough, here are a few questions throw open a world of unnecessary doubt:

  • Is he a keeper
  • Is he the one
  • What if he leaves me for someone else
  • Will he commit

This fear of losing a lover is passively a part and parcel of any relationship, but not every friendship. It is simply assumed that friends will stay by your side forever. But boyfriends, you can never say.

9) Your best friend will understand how you feel when you have your periods

No matter how considerate your boyfriend is when you have your periods, he will never truly understand how you feel. Your best friend on the other hand knows exactly what you mean when you say you have back pain or when you are just not in the mood.

There are few more comforting feelings than having your bestie by your side patiently listening to your moody rants during that time of the month. Her position in this scenario is irreplaceable.

Your boyfriend will never understand your food cravings.
Your boyfriend will never understand your food cravings.

10) Your friend is the only one who really understands your food cravings

Call your boyfriend at midnight and tell him you feel like going out for an ice-cream. You will probably get one of these replies.

  • Baby we can eat all the ice-cream you want tomorrow
  • Right now, are you out of your mind
  • I'm sleeping and I have a big presentation tomorrow

On the other hand, if you ask your best friend the same question at the same time, she will say:

  • Should I pick you up or will you pick me up

Only a girl can fully understand her best friend's food craving. If the craving is for chocolate, it needs to be satisfied now. Not tomorrow, not sometime afterwards – now.

11) You will never get jealous if your friend flirts with other people

The very thought of your boyfriend flirting with other girls will shake you from the core. You'll hate it even when he checks out other girls. Jealousy is the murky side of most relationships. It drives couples crazy.

With your best friend, you never have to worry about getting jealous. If she is checking out other guys, you will probably giggle and be eager to catch a glimpse of who grabbed her attention.

12) Friends are forever: They love it when you talk about being friends forever

Friends are definitely better than boyfriends when it comes to talking about the future of a relationship. Ask your best friend if she wants your friendship to last forever and she will shout out a big YES while giving you the longest hug ever. Ask the same question to the guy you are dating and he will probably have one of these cheesy answers:

  • Ummm, I haven't thought about that yet
  • I don't know if our relationship is ready for the next level
  • I really don't know what lies ahead
  • Maybe it is too soon to be talking about that

Blowing kisses to your boyfriend is easy but bearing the pain of missing him constantly is not.
Blowing kisses to your boyfriend is easy but bearing the pain of missing him constantly is not.

13) Skype, Google, iChat and WhatsApp are enough when you miss your friends

This is a compelling reason why friends are better than boyfriends. Suppose you have moved interstate and are now living away from your best friend. Every time you miss your bestie, you can have a fun little chat on one of the many popular apps on your iPhone. From iChat to Skype and from Google Talk to WhatsApp, satisfying your urge to have the silliest of conversations is just a tap away.

But the same situation is quite horrific when it involves your boyfriend. Being away from a loved one is like living every moment with a dagger in your heart.

No matter how long you hear his voice for, no matter how much you see him in your video chat – it is never enough. You will continue missing your boyfriend regardless of how many hours you spend connecting with him on your iPhone or laptop.

14) Breaking a friendship is easier than breaking a relationship

Everyone who has lost friends due to silly misunderstandings will say that ending a friendship is no less of a pain than breaking up a relationship. While that is true to a certain extent, it is hard to deny that the pain of heartbreak is like no other.

If your friend lies to you or talks behind your back, you can stop calling her and stop hanging out with her. It will hurt emotionally but you will get over it soon. On the other hand if your boyfriend lies to you or goes out with another girl behind your back, you can stop seeing him but the scars will take a lot longer to heal.


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    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 4 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Nice comparisons. I never looked at it in that way before. When it comes down to it, a best friend is more understanding and accepts all of the little flaws I try to hide from my boyfriend...but by chance if my boyfriend should see some of my flaws...forget about it. LOL. Voted interesting

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago

      I would have to say that your friend is more important because they have been there longer for you and they know you best inside and out. thanks for this hub. voted up .