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Are You A Drunk Dialer?

Updated on May 6, 2013
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

Alcohol can bring out the best….and the worse in people. When it comes to a lingering ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, or ex-lover, engaging in any unwanted conversations while you are drinking is a recipe for disaster. Before you order your first drink, hand your phone to one of your RESPONSIBLE friends; promptly tell him or her to keep your phone safe—trust me, you’re doing yourself (and your ex) a favor.

For some reason, it always seems like a brilliant idea to call that special person when you’re drunk. Duh, your logic is inhibited when you drink! Fueled by emotions and liquid courage, you have probably been guilty of drunk dialing at some point in your life. It can be too easy to talk yourself into calling an ex, someone you have a crush on, or a “booty call” especially when you have been drinking and your hormones (and heightened emotions) take over. The equation looks a little bit like this: Alcohol + Emotions = Horniness.

Here are a few justifications for your excuse to make that phone call (or send that text):

1) There is something sooo important you have to get of your chest IMMEDIATELY…of course, while charmingly slurring your words. Can you say, attractive!

2) You magically forget, while intoxicated, all the reasons the relationship didn’t work out, and decide that you really miss (and potentially love) this person. Really?

3) You’re dying for utterly hot sex (and you’re confident you have the skills), but in actuality, you’re gearing yourself up for unattractive, sloppy drunk sex. I also guarantee you’ll probably end up regretting it; however, there’s also a chance that you won’t even remember much of it the following day.

Drunk dialing is never a good idea even if you think you can get your other drunk friend(s) to side with you. If you have ever been on the opposite end, getting drunk dialed is very annoying…to say the least.

What a sober person hears is an obnoxiously loud, emotional, intoxicated, mumbling voice, trying to talk over a loud bar/night club environment. Being drunk dialed would make anyone wish they had never picked up the phone or in some cases…met you. Ouch! Honestly though, can you blame them? No one enjoys being woken up at 2 a.m. by someone who is talking gibberish. Put down the phone!

Bottom line, whatever you think is life-changing-important to say when you’re drunk, probably doesn’t need to be said at all. Or, can wait until the next day when you are sober. If you are a chronic drunk dialer, it may be in your best interest to leave your phone at home. If that’s not feasible (for safety reasons), delete any “victim’s” number from your phone that you know you’ll end up calling once you’ve have a cocktail or two.

I understand that emotional ties can hinder you from deleting the number. If that is the case, before you go out and have one drink, make sure your friends know to take away your phone when you start to have the twitch to dial. Believe me—no matter what anyone tells you the next day to make you feel better—drunk dialing is not attractive! Do yourself a favor and don’t Drink and Dial.


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    • Miss-Adventures profile image

      Stephanie Bailey 4 years ago from Denver

      Thanks lady. And so grateful for you reading my articles.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      So true dialling or texting someone from your past, like you ex or the one you have a crush on can be a problem, totally agree with your points here.