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If Scientists Created Artificial Sperm Would There Be Any Use For Men Anymore?

Updated on March 10, 2016
You still need me, right babe?
You still need me, right babe?

Men Are Needed!

If Scientists created artificial sperm would there be any use for men anymore?

Interesting question I throw out on this fine day. There are pros and cons to both side of argument.

The first is fiances. Men get paid more then woman. Fair or not that's the way it is. I imagine women would want us around for the paycheck.Nothing pleases a woman more the he man's paycheck. Even if she gets her own check, she wants the man's too

Women are alot more alike men then they let on. They want eye candy as much as males. They love to show off their males like we our females. Like us men, they try to hide the ugly candy.

Woman love to play the blame game. A woman's favorite hobby is male bashing. They would have no one else to blame but themselves if man wasn't around.

You have the purists. They don't want anything artificial. They want the real thing. Call it the new organic. Sex isn't just about creation anymore. As long as a man knows how to use it, he might be safe.

If women got rid of men, who would kill your spiders and other creepy crawlies? Men are hunters and rise up to the challenge of the big hunt. I've got thousands of spider heads mounted on the wall in my trophy room.

Then there is the argument of fathers for these children. All children need a father figure. If we keep or parenting skills, men should be fine. But I fear there are a lot of deadbeat fathers out there. We may lose this battle guys.

However, The number one reason men will still be around if artificial sperm is created..................We'll be needed to work in the battery factory. You just know there will be a severe shortage in batteries. The woman will be battery hungry, if you catch my drift.

My advice to all you young males. Take business courses. Open a battery outlet. Physical store, online sales, even offer free delivery. You will be a millionaire in the era of artificial sperm.


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