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As A Man Would You Consider Having A Vagina For A Day?

Updated on December 22, 2010
I don't want one of those, Babe
I don't want one of those, Babe

Interesting question I think. I'll give my answer and hope to hear from others. Of course upon receiving this vagina, you'd lose your male part.

Personally I'll pass. I can think of a lot of reasons to not want to have one.

1] There is that monthly visit that women get. From what I hear it's not a pleasant experience. Unless of course you fear pregnancy. There's the mood swings, bloating, cramps and discomfort. I rather be the male in this situation because I can hide from the possessed woman. They say it's their little friend, but they don't act like it is a friend.

2] Straight men want it. A man will spend hours trying to get to a woman's vagina. We think of sex 90 percent of the time. I'm not prepared to deal with being hounded by perverted men. Plus there is always the fear of rape. Believe it or not, guys will break the law to get it.

3] So you have this vagina for a day, what do you do for sex? Women won't want you. Men won't want you. So even if you just wanted to see what sex was like from a woman's pint of view, you couldn't. Every part of you would be male, except for that.

4] Could you ignore it or would you play with it all day? I'll leave it at that. No need for details.I yell at my grandson to keep his hands out of his pants. I can't imagine a grown man.

5] I won't let my doctor check my prostate. What makes you think I'll let anything go in the front. Nothing goes in my exits except my finger up my nose should I decide to pick it..

6] How would you urinate? You have the woman's vagina, but you didn't get the extra plumbing. Talk about temporary water weight gain. I don't think your kidneys would appreciate the abuse. Plus you'd urinate for hours once you were restored to normal.

7] My parents would disown me. Especially Dad. Men are proud of their sons. If you lose your manhood, it better be by accident, not as an experiment.

8] Suppose you die within the 24 hour period? Would God let you into Heaven? I imagine so, but do you want to take the chance. God may leave you like that as punishment. I don't want all the other Angels laughing at me.

Of course there are advantages.

1] Post a photo on the internet and wait for the talk shows to come calling. If you're going to be a freak for 24 hours, might as well try to make some money. It may be illegal for a woman to make money with her vagina, but is it for a man? I don't think so.

2] Keep notes during you 24 hours. Write a book and hope for the best.

3] No better way to get in touch with your feminine side then to be a woman. After 24 hours, I imagine you'll appreciate the women in your life .

4] Take the money you made and set your parents up financially for the rest of their lives. Maybe then they will forgive you for messing with nature.

Put my number one reason I'd turn down the offer.....................Suppose something goes wrong and you can't change back? I'm not prepared to deal with that. I've got enough issues in my life.

As A Man would you want a vagina for a day?

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    • profile image

      manwoman 3 years ago

      I would love to have a vagina, to be able to have 2 holes in able to feel a man inside of you, whenever him or myself wanted it. having a vagina would be so awesome

    • profile image

      karly 7 years ago

      I would have one no problem, i would love to have owne, even if it ment a life of toys to bring me off cause watching a girl with a vibrator cummin looks awesome and much better than using wriste action as a male and to find someone to lick you out would just be awesome

    • profile image

      Super2Donny 7 years ago