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Attract Females

Updated on April 4, 2011

tips and hints for attraction

You are laid back, but you just aren’t sure how it works. You do not lack confidence in yourself, but you have a hard time understanding how women work. You want to attract women, or perhaps you might be trying to attract maybe a special someone. You might be trying to figure out what you did wrong. Whatever your reason is, this is a list of tips and hints to get you going in the right direction. Increase your odds with the ladies.

Men go about attracting women in different ways. You may or may not fit into one of these categories.

Here is a list of a few types of men attraction styles:

Type one-Mr. Stumble

You want to be a ladies man. But you trip on things, you get tongue tied, and the plain fact is that you get nervous around a beautiful woman. Guess what? Beautiful women can spot you a mile away. She knows she intimidates you.

Type Two-Mr. Helper

You try too hard to impress a woman. You are not sure what you are doing wrong; you try all the romance you can think of. You will go out of your way helping a lady that you are interested in.

Type Three-Mr. “I haven’t Dated In….”

There are also those of you that have not been in the field of dating for so long, that you just are not sure how to go about it.

Type Four-Mr. Rico Suave

You say all of the right things, or at least you think you do. You can caress a woman with your witty words, but still leave dumbfounded. You know that a woman is a verbal creature, so you use your talking skills.

Type Five:-Mr. Game

You have read all of the books on attraction. You have studied women to the tee. You should have it going on in the dating game. Chicks SHOULD BE flocking to you like crazy. However, you are left scratching your head, trying to figure out what went wrong.

what ever the style

Mr. Big Head, Mr. Clueless, Mr.Chauvinist(bossy), and the list goes on….

Whatever your style, listed are ways you can still be yourself, and attract the ladies.

You probably already know that women are less visual than men. A man’s looks do not matter as much to a woman when selecting a mate.

fear of rejection


Fear of Rejection: Keep the fear of rejection out of your head, first and foremost. How? You can do this by understanding that everyone gets rejected. It sounds like a contradiction. If you face this simple truth, that rejection is a fact of life, you have half of the battle won. Rejection can happen to you, it can happen to anyone, at any time. If you get rejected, and you accept it, move on to the next lady you want to attract. It is that simple. When you understand this, your confidence will boost a little. You will understand that you should not be so nervous. You will understand that rejection is not something you should be afraid of, but something that is a part of life. How could rejection be a part of life? Everyone’s taste varies just like fingerprints vary.

within seconds a judgment is made

Within seconds of a woman looking at you, a judgment is made. She will know if you are a man she finds attractive, or if you are the man she puts in her “friends” list. You know this though. You should use it to your advantage. Make a great first impression. You can do this by:




Be clean, and well groomed. Mechanics, pay attention to your finger nails.

Make sure you have good posture. Look in the mirror and make sure you do not have the slump going on. What’s the slump? Do you stick your head forward and slump at the shoulders? Make sure the back of your neck is parallel with your back. Make sure your head is straight. You know about good posture. Make sure you use it at all times.

eye contact


Eye contact: Make sure you look her in the eyes the second you see her. Do not look at her for a split second, and look to the floor. Look into her eyes. Beware: do not stare too hard though. Give her a solid look for four seconds at a time.

You made the eye contact and you stood up straight. Where is the flock of women? Be patient, you need to know the next steps:



Conversation: Keep your conversation light, and brief. Women are verbal creatures. However, you do not use your talking skills too much until you are in that stage of the relationship. If you chose to have a relationship. For now, keep it minimal. Since men are visual creatures, this will be used as an example:

When you see a lady clothed in a dressy, casual style, with maybe a little cleavage showing, it sparks your imagination. If you see a woman is tight see through clothes, it might cheapen your view on that woman. The same law holds true for communication with a lady.

Keep the conversation light, leave her intrigued. Later, if a relationship progresses, you should communicate more. However, in this stage, the stage of attracting her, you should be brief, and interesting.



Keep your confidence. Confidence is a very large portion of attraction. If you value yourself, she will value you. Do not become cocky though.

You might find it hard to believe but, when you are attracting women, the ingredients need to be basic. If you add too many ingredients, you could send out mixed messages. You are on your way to being a chick magnet, by following these easy steps.

Now that you got the skills, and you attracted a lady you may be thinking about:

Gift Giving and Romance:

You sparked her interest. Now it is time to start buying her that sports car, and whatever her little heart desires. You will show her your affections and shower her with everything. You are a suave. No one else has you beat.

Wrong! You should refrain from doing this, until you are in that stage of a relationship. There are stages to follow. You two need to be on the same page. Nice dates are ok in the beginning.


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    • sarclair profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you.

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 

      7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Another good one, Sarclair.


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